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Unleashed by Emily Kimelman & Interview: Nurture Tour Stop

Hi!  Today, I am pleased to welcome Emily Kimelman to my little blog. She is touring her book UNLEASHED.  So read on to find out more about this entertaining novel and read my interview with the author. Most of all, have fun, relax, and let us know what's on your mind.

Book Description:

Joy Humbolt is not a huge fan of people and after getting fired from her latest stint as a barrista she is becoming dangerously close to unemployable. So when Charlene Miller offers Joy her dog walking business on the Exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan after knowing her for 15 minutes, Joy is happy to accept the profitable, low maintenance route while ignoring the suspiciously quick transaction. However, when Joy discovers a mutilated corpse on her route and realizes that Charlene has fled the city, the price of her new business starts to become clear.

Joy is left answering the questions of an aggressive Police Detective who swings from telling her she is the next victim to insinuating that Joy is the killer. Following in Charlene's footsteps, Joy discovers that her powerful clients have more in common than just their dog walker. As she is lead deeper into their world of power and influence Joy realizes too late that only one kind of justice makes it this far uptown: vigilante. When Joy lets go of what little respect she had for the human race she become unstoppable, unleashed, and is reborn Sydney Rye.


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Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

My husband, Sean, proposed to me in an airport parking lot. Long Term Parking, get it? When he asked me to marry him he said that the trip we were leaving on was just the beginning and that we would travel and have adventures together for the rest of our lives.

After we were married, we settled down and opened up a glassblowing studio and gallery, but it didn’t take long for us to realize that settling down was a bad idea for both of us. We are the kind of people who have ants in our pants and always need to be moving so we’ve made travel a huge part of our lives. We redesigned our business so we have time to be on the road about three months out of the year; we take a lot of smaller trips in between.

As I am writing this, we are driving across country (my first time, Sean’s 5th) and I’m looking forward to seeing the crazy forests of the North West, the Badlands’ night sky and I can’t wait to tour the vineyards of the West Coast.

So, I guess I don’t dream of a specific place to go but always to be traveling. I love the way the world looks when you’re in a new place and I find that if you are on the road long enough, it changes your whole mindset. The world is always exciting and new if you never stay still.

As Tom Petty said “I don’t know, but I’ve been told, you never slow down, you never grow old.” The only “growing-old” wrinkles that I have on my face are from the two years I spent trying to settle down.

My husband and I also love to travel but, the one I hate is the hard-as-rock or saggy-soft motel beds.  I am always glad to get home and get a good night’s rest! LOL . What does your hubby and family think of your career?

My brother, David, is one of my biggest supporters and always has been. He told me I should be a writer from the first story I wrote when we were kids and he was the first person to push me to self-publish Unleashed.

My other brother, Sam, is a writer also and we exchange work all the time. He’s really funny and I love his writing.

My father is a former journalist and editor; he has always been very supportive of me and has helped me edit my books. He also helped me pick the right professional editor to work with when I was ready.

My mom gets way too involved when she reads my books and leaves me messages like “Don’t you go down that tunnel, what are you nuts?!”

My husband, who is not really a murder mystery genre fan, supports my career whole-heartedly and even came up with the title Unleashed.

Wow! That is amazing! Honestly, how could you ever not be a writer with those roots. That is super! What is your favorite meal?

I love pasta Bolognese! I love it when my mom makes it, when I make it, when I get it in a foreign land and it cures my home sickness. I love it with penne, spaghetti, in lasagna, with garlic bread, for breakfast, freshly made, cold out of the fridge. I love how every time I eat it it’s different and yet reminds me of home. Pasta Bolognese is the perfect food.

Morning Person or Night Person, How do you know?

Really, I’m a middle of the day kind of person. In the morning I’m so out of it that it’s a great time to write; it’s easy for me to float into my imagination when I’m barley awake. By 6pm I’m usually done for the day; I want a glass of wine and to start cooking dinner. So my most sober, conscious hours are from about noon until 5pm. I use these hours to take care of any business stuff. Whether it’s preparing for the next event at our glassblowing studio or planning our next trip; I do it between noon and 5pm.

New York or LA why?

New York. It’s the center of the Universe, where I met my husband, and reminds me of my grandmother.

Tell us about your current release.

Unleashed is the first in my Sydney Rye series. It’s a fast-paced read with lots of action, some sex, and a surprise ending. It stars a tough, young woman and her adopted mutt, Blue. And while the story starts out with just a hint of darkness by the end Joy Humbolt, our main character and dog walker extraordinaire, ***SPOILER ALERT*** has transformed into a dangerous woman named Sydney Rye.

I like to picture people reading Unleashed in one or two sittings. I like to think of it as a well-written story that rocks, but I’ll admit that I’m biased. *smiles*

And so there you have it, everybody.  Thank you so much for stopping by here today, Ms. Kimelman,  and letting us find out a bit more about you and your new book.  I’ve started reading Unleashed and think you have a winner!

That’s it for this stop. Please be sure to check out the next stops and follow along on the tour.  You’re sure to find out new tidbits along the journey.

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