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Night Journey by Goldie Browning

Night JourneyMy rating: 4 of 5 Cups
In the present day, Emma and Zan Fuller have arrived for the weekend at an old, majestic hotel near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Zan’s brother is getting married. Emma feels a strange sense of déjà vu upon arrival, and the feeling intensifies as the weekend progresses.

In 1938, Ivy Turner rebels against marrying Jared Covington, a wealthy steel mill entrepreneur; instead, she elopes with the man she loves, Harry Fuller. The couple’s happiness is short-lived, though, when Harry is arrested, and Ivy is abducted. Eventually, the now pregnant Ivy is packed off to the Baker Cancer Hospital in Eureka Springs by her desperate parents.

Emma suffers a deadly fall and watches as her life passes before her eyes. She awakes in excruciating pain, but finds herself inhabiting the body of a cancer patient named Anna – the year is 1938. Ivy’s tragic plight galvanizes Emma, and a few new friends, to plot an escape plan for Ivy, and to enlist the assistance of a sympathetic lawyer for Harry. But time is running out, and the obstacles, at times, seem overwhelming.

I quickly became immersed in this memorable time travel, ghost story. The characters became fully alive within the pages, and it was so incredibly easy for me to care about them all. The setting was absolutely ideal; I could easily visualize the grand old hotel in the mist enshrouded mountains. The sense of time and place, especially for the story line taking place in the late 1930’s, seemed so well-researched, believable, and chilling. I felt as if I were caught up in the time warp, also, along with Emma. Toward the end, the repetitive debate about living wills, the moral and legal ramifications, became somewhat tedious; otherwise, this would have been a 5 Cup read for me. The author shines at linking the history and lives of the characters in this intriguing, mesmerizing, and well-edited tale.

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