Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beneath the Hallowed Hill by Theresa Crater

Beneath the Hallowed Hill
My rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

This is a complicated story with convoluted, intersecting storylines rich with mystical phenomena, and steeped in ancient lore and magic. In the present, Anne Le Clair and Michael are separated soon after arriving in Avalon, for what was to have been a quiet month of relaxation and rejuvenation, after Michael’s friend and mentor is murdered. Meanwhile, Alexander Cagliostro, driven to madness, causes a terrible breach in the veil of time that threatens destruction on a massive scale. Megan is a young priestess in Atlantis who is in training when the man she loves disappears and a cataclysmic event tears her world asunder.

It is an intricately woven, compelling mystery that kept me fully engaged and mesmerized throughout, even though some of the myths and ancient history was lost on me, I am afraid, because my knowledge of the subject is sorely lacking. I was touched by this novel mainly because it is about love that transcends the ages. The description of ancient Atlantis was beautifully depicted and was contrasted quite well with what remains in modern times of that magical place. I enjoyed the story and really got caught up in the lives of Anne, Michael and Megan.

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