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Small Blogs, BIG Giveaway Blog Hop Extravaganza


And the winners are…

Congratulations! You’ll receive an email soon!

1st Winner: xxsquigglesxx
2nd:  Michelle W
3rd: jeanette8042
And the following people will win a giftcard:
Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews, Carol Luciano, Library Lady, Krystal Larson  and  Jessica @ Book Passion for Life
The remaining prizes will go to The Magic Attic!

Thank you all for signing up and come back for the next edition during August!

Diana (artqiote@xxxxxx) is the winner of the Bonus Giveaway. She will receive a digital copy of TRACKING SHADOWS by Regan Black and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
Thank you, Everyone, for making this event a wonderful success!!

Small Blogs, Big Giveaways is here thanks to wonderful idea - why not join a bunch of new but dedicated bloggers together to host an epically Big Giveaway between June 6-12th 2011? The idea caught on so much that the Big Giveaway has some awesome prizes available, and the 1st prizewinner will receive 16 items from the Big Giveaway prize stash (2nd prize = 14 items, 3rd prize = 10 items!).

Thanks to everyone who participated in this fantastic event and giveaway!!  This event has ended. Entries are now being validated and WINNERS will be notified and announced shortly so stay tuned.   Also, another similar shindig is being planned for late August. So, if you do not win this time, perhaps next time will be it.

A BIG round of applause to Reading Romances for coordinating and challenging us to put together a magnificent Prize Stash.

prizes and all the information here!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to also enter MY Bonus Giveaway AND find out how you could WIN a cool swag package from T Lynne Tolles!

Big Giveaway prize stash!

A Crowded Marriage
Vampire Dreams
Tracking Shadows
Goddess of Legend
Remarkable Creatures
Dusted To Death
The Queen Bee of Bridgeton
Russian Roulette
This Side of the Grave
Cupid's Confederates
Dark and Disorderly
The Leading Lady of Rap
The Devouring
Sin Undone
Better Than 8 Fantasy
Dead on the Delta
The Iron Queen
Dead Barchetta
Storm's Heart
Priscilla the Great
The Kiss of Life
Blood of the Rose
Kiss of the Rose
Die for Me
Offer from a Gentleman
The Duke And I
The Viscount Who Loved Me
Irish Moon
The Gifted Ones
Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware
Restored Hope
The First Day After Life

Amazon: $10 (2 available), $15 (3 available)
Barnes and Noble: $10 (1 available),
Book Depository: $10 (2 available), $15 (2 available)
And ONE $15 giftcard to winner's choice of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository! 

37 Books + 11 Gift cards =  48 PRIZES

1st prizewinner will choose 16 items (including a maximum of 2 giftcards!)
2nd prizewinner will choose 14 items from the remaining prize stash (including a maximum of 2 giftcards!)
3rd prizewinner will choose 10 items from the remaining prize stash (including a maximum of 2 giftcards!)

If 50 people enter, 1 person will win a giftcard!
If 100 people enter, another person will win a giftcard!
If 200 people enter, 3 people will receive giftcards!

For one entry for the Big Giveaway, click below (see the blue smiley face?) and enter your details.

If you feel like wandering across the host blogs of Small Blogs, Big Giveaways then you stand the chance of earning more entries for the Big Giveaway AND entering for any extra giveaways they might be hosting alongside the Big Giveaway. Follow the rules each blog has for these extra giveaways, and good luck!

WOW, amazing giveaway, am I right?! And this is very simple, what you have to do to win some of those amazing prizes is to sign up using the inlinkz and…That’s it! If you want extra entries, please go to our hosts and see what you can do to win them! I bet you’ll find some amazing new blogs and follow them to show support! Please READ THE RULES!


Organized by: Reading Romances (+5 is the number of extra entries you may get here) Leave a comment, Become a follower, tweet/blog or link about the giveaway. Will be hosting a giveaway on june 17th.

A Little Sun Shy:(+3) Also giving away for the EU readers, a hardback copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Reckoning!
Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews (+5) with BONUS Giveaway
Romancing the Darkside (+3) Also hosting: Save My Soul Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway – June 9th
So Many Books, Here’s Mine (+3) Also hosting: Sizzling Summer Setting Writing Contest.
The Magic Attic (+5) Will also be hosting blog tours during june 6-13!

1. Sign up using the inlinkz link. You only need to do that once for the Big Giveaway, the same inlinkz will appear on all participating blogs.
2. Read the rules for each participating blog carefully to know how to sign up for any additional prizes that could be on offer.
3. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY! (because all book-lovers are fabulous!)
4. You must be 18+ to enter – not all of the prizes on offer are under 18 friendly!
5. The contest will end on JUNE 13th 2011 at 11:59 pm GMT, after which time winners will be duly notified.
6. Winners will be selected using
7. Winners will have THREE days after they have been notified to provide a mailing address. If you do not contact me within three days a replacement winner will be selected. No exceptions.
8. Each blogger will be responsible for mailing the prize they provided. No replacements will be made.
9. Don’t worry – we’re not stalkers! Your email address will not be saved or used for any other purposes then to contact the winner in the contest for their mailing address.
10. Each host is not responsible for other host's prizes that are not honoured, distributed in a timely manner, lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.
11. All giveaways are subject to change/cancellation without prior written notice.

The more participants we get, the more prizes we’ll give!

The first winner will choose 16 items (including the maximum number of 2 gift cards)
The 2nd will choose 14 items after the 1st winner has chosen(including the maximum number of 2 gift cards)
The 3rd will get 10 items after the 2nd winner has chosen (including the maximum number of 2 gift cards)
The last 2 books will be given to one of our lucky hosts – who’ll be selected using! In case any gift cards remain, they’ll also be awarded to our hosts.
If we reach 50 sign ups I’ll select one random lucky winner to receive one of the gift cards listed!
If we reach 100 sign ups I’ll select another radom lucky winner to receive one of the gift cards listed!
If we reach more than 200 sign ups, by the end of the event I’ll select THREE random lucky winners to receive one of the gift cards listed each!

How you can get Bonus Entries HERE:
1. +1 entry for leaving a comment
2. +2 entries for becoming a follower (networked blog, twitter or RSS)
3. +3 entries for tweeting about the giveaway/blogging about it/ linking via your sidebar (don’t forget to share the link!).

Send your extra entries by filling out this form! 

To sign up to HOST the 2nd edition of this event, please answer this form!

Entry Form on this Blog ONLY
This Giveaway begins June 6th at 12:01 AM GMT and ends June 13th at 11:59 PM GMT. EVERYONE who enters my giveaway will win a FREE digital copy of Mike Faricy's newest mystery, Russian Roulette. ONE lucky person will also win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a digital copy of Regan Black's newest release, Tracking Shadows.


Russian Roulette
It's no surprise, dysfuntional PI Devlin Haskell falls in bed with his latest client. She's gone by the time he wakes and hasn't the foggiest notion that, from now on, he'll be dealing with the Russian mob. Along the way he finds himself at odds with a Russian butcher, local police and an FBI task force investigating human trafficking. In the process of getting answers Dev washes up on the far side of the law. He's shot, beaten, car bombed and used as a human shield, all in the name of justice, at least as he comes to see it. An entertaining tale of rank ineptitude and one night stands.  Russian Roulette is another fast paced tale from the master of the bizarre, Mike Faricy.   Read my recent interview with Mike Faricy here.

Tracking ShadowsIn 2096, the American government has gone above and beyond to 'protect its citizens', even regulating sugar and coffee. Every new legislative measure opens up a black market for an enterprising person willing to seize the opportunity.

In Chicago, Slick Micky is the king of smuggling. Known to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere, he specializes in caffeine and sugar and works in the anonymity of shadows. But recently an old enemy is tired of waiting for Micky's empire to crumble and has called in the best assassin in the business to take him out.

Trina Durham is an assassin with a sterling reputation, thanks to her unique ability to induce deadly hallucinations. When Slick Micky killed her best friend, she left Chicago - forever. She's back now, unable to resist the perfect opportunity for vengeance. But no one warned her Slick Micky might as well be a shadow. Or that shedding light on the man and his secrets would put both her heart and reputation at risk.     Read my recent interview with Regan Black here.

PLUS -  $10 Amazon Gift Card 

Diana (artqiote@xxxxxx) is the winner of the Bonus Giveaway. She will receive a digital copy of TRACKING SHADOWS by Regan Black and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
Thank you, Everyone, for making this event a wonderful success!!

Earn extra entries:

+1 - Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect (GFC)
+1 - Follow me on Twitter (@Lauriej170)
+1 - Follow this blog on FB's Networked Blogs
+1 - Follow via Email Subscription
+1 - Friend me on GoodReads

One Final Thing
Check out my Spotlight Interview this week with
T. Lynne Tolles.
Comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Deadman's Blood, her newest release and fantastic new Romance Trading Cards and Full-color bookmarks  series.

See Interview with T.Lynne Tolles on my Interviews Tab


Library Lady said...

This is such a huge giveaway!
Thanks for the chance to win.
adsanders77 at gmail dot com

Laurie said...

Hi Library Lady! I am so happy you stopped by. I think you are right and I am so excited to be a part of it. Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

tfalick said...

awesome blog hop, I hope I'm doing it right! lol. question?
do I fill out the form on EACH blog, or just at the end fill out ONE form? I'm so confused! this is only my 3rd. time entering in a blog hop, and they are all so different. eeeppp. Thank you for the chance♥

tfalick said...

here's my tweet =)!/tfalick/status/77786789942792192

Laurie said...

Hi Tfalick - Thanks for stopping in and for the follows. I just sent you a Twitter follow request too. Fill in the form (Green frog face linky link) just once and you are all set for all the blogs in this hop. Then after you visited all the blogs you wish to visit, fill out the extra entries link and note the various activities you did on each blog. (hint...when I started I printed off the form for myself, then as I hopped around I checked off the things I did for extra entries on the form) Later, when I am all finished hopping around, I will have my "cheat sheet" handy for completing the form and tallying up all my extra entries.

Next, on my blog I have a bonus Giveaway you can enter. YOU will win a free copy of the hilarious Russian Roulette and ONE person who enters my BONUS giveaway will win a copy of Tracking Shadows AND an Amazon $10 Gift Card.

Last - hop over and see my interview with Kristie Cook (on my Interviews Tab) and you can comment for a chance to win her two books.

Best Wishes and Enjoy the Blog Hop - Hope everyone has a lot of FUN!!!


Kati R said...

Thank you sooo much for the giveaway and for being a part of the hop. This is so AWESOME!

GFC: Kati R
romancingrakes AT gmail DOT com
Twitter follower: romancingrakes

SpadesHigh said...

+1 entry for leaving a comment:
You guys are trully awesome for hosting this HUGE and generous giveaway!! Thank you so much for the chance to enter and win some cool prizes!!

+3 Tweeted:!/SpadesHigh/status/77809616439873536

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Thanks SO much again!!! =)
SpadesHigh @
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BrittanyGale said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
I follow via GFC quixoticdreamer



Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

Thank you very much for the chance...this is lot of fun!

I tweeted:!/Maria_Smith_76/status/77917087724609536

DANIELA said...

Hi Laurie
Awesome giveaway!!!

+1 - Follow via Google Friend Connect (GFC)
+1 - Friend on GoodReads


DANIELA said...

Hi again Laurie
BTW, I wanted to follow your blog via e-mail subscription, but I coulnd't find where to sign.


Laurie said...

Hi Everybody! Thanks so much for your entries and your comments and good luck to you all for your chance of winning!! Daniela, I guess the Subscription box is playing hide and seek as you are the 2nd person to mention to me that they couldn't locate it. :) LOL. It's in the right sidebar directly above the Google Friend Connection box. I sure appreciate you all for taking time to comment and for your wonderful entries!!

Laurie said...

Ok...upon further investigation it looks like the "sign up by email" gadget was broken or something. I've deleted it and replaced it with a new "subscribe by email" gadget. Hopefully....keeping toes crossed that will fix the issue. :)

soulunsung said...

Aw, this is so wonderful, hosting this giveaway as well as the one that you're having. And your blog is really cute. So, yes...I'm a new follower for life! :)

Suz @ A Soul Unsung

Laurie said...

Thanks so much Suz!! Glad you found me! I love to change the look of my blog pretty often as there are just so many cute backgrounds available - and there is nothing like a blog face lift! LOL

Anonymous said...

Comment: +1

Awesome giveaway. Since I heard about it from Bree first, I tweeted with her username in it:

Tweet: +3!/usagiko/status/78080535834017793

Twitter username: usagiko
Follower - GFC +3: usagi, the golden witch

Weee, all these blogs! SO many new friends to make!

Laurie said...

Hi are so very right. It is so fun meeting so many new and friendly bloggers! Glad you stopped by!

Diana said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!!!
GFC follower as Diana
Twitter as @artdem83
Networked Blogs as Demitra Giote

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Laurie.
Thanks for coming by my blog today. I looked for my books but didn't see them. Am I missing something?
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

latishajean said...

Thank you so much for the great giveaways
Tweeted too!/latishajean/status/78691732698566657

Jaedia said...

Following in all the right places as Jaedia or Hannah and tweeted here:!/jaedia/status/78783557740412928

Laurie said...

Hi Nancy - Thanks for coming by...I sent you an email... :)

Laurie said...

Hi latishajean and Jaedia! Thanks so much for dropping in and entering the contests. I appreciate the tweets and help!

Mickey @ imabookshark said...

Thanks for the giveaway!! Following on twitter, Goodreads, Networked Blogs, GFC, tweeted, etc :o)

imabookshark @ yahoo dot com

Mickey @ imabookshark

Anonymous said...

I'm a GFC follower. (Kah_Cherub) ;)
thank you for the awesome giveaway!

kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I tweeted:

J.L. Campbell said...

Hey, Laurie,

Nice to meet you. Really cool blog you have here and some wonderful prizes.

Meghan @ Books and a Cup of Tea said...

Thank you so much for contributing to this amazing giveaway!


Jennifer said...

Definitely a great giveaway!

here's my tweet:!/jlkalman26/status/78933699026104320

Chelsea B. said...

Fun givaway!

Natframpton said...

Hi Laurie thanks for following. Returning the favour :D

Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

Hikablack said...

Awesome giveaway!

My tweet!!/hikablack/status/79937113386258432

Laurie said...

Diana (artqiote@xxxxxx) is the winner of the Bonus Giveaway. She will receive a digital copy of TRACKING SHADOWS by Regan Black and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.