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Shadows of Destiny by Gale Minchew

Shadows of Destiny
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is her senior year, and Analise’s life suddenly becomes extraordinarily complicated. Until a couple of years ago, she was continually transferred from one foster home to another, always alone, always different. Then finally, she was placed with Rose. She and Rose have a connection from the very start, and lovingly Rose has helped the shy girl understand and develop her unique spiritual gifts.

Analise and Nicholas first encounter each other on the astral plane. Analise draws him to her without knowing or understanding what she does. Nicholas is assigned as her protector on the astral plane and eventually becomes corporal in order to better protect her when the threat surrounding her grows in strength and intensity.

As the evil malignancy stalks Analise her friends desperately attempt to forestall its encroachment, Analise also draws the heated attraction of a very popular boy. When this occurs a snooty clique of girls makes it their mission to humiliate, embarrass and belittle Analise at every opportunity. Analise is challenged and tested. This is her story.

This novel is rich in descriptive detail allowing the reader to visualize clearly Analise’s nocturnal battles to discover the secret identity of the abandoned baby and the sad, haunted woman from her nightmares. Sometimes those experiences seem to follow into her waking hours, as well. Analise, a shy introverted girl, tries her best to fit in, but is clearly uncomfortable as the center of attention. Analise, probably because of her lonely childhood, seems overly mature, I had a difficult time relating to her because her emotions so rarely seemed to be those of teenager – she seems almost like an old soul – perhaps because she is? I enjoyed the story, but at times I felt it got somewhat bogged down. There were times when it did not move forward quickly enough to fully engage my attention and, for me, the pacing faltered during those times. On the other hand, the eerie, creepy sense of trepidation was maintained well throughout this mysterious ghost story.

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