Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revamped by Karen G. Bagnell


My rating: 4 of 5 Cups

Sabrena is a fairly ordinary young woman who is carefully chosen. Given the gift of immortality, she wakes up and discovers that her body has been altered right along with her mortal status. With just a cryptic taped recording and monetary windfall to assist her, Sebrena carves a new, fabulous life for herself.

As Sabrena’s business prospers a secret council, The Tribunal, becomes concerned about the overt publicity she generates. They send an enforcer named Dakin to escort her in for questioning and possible punishment.

Sabrena’s friends launch a daring rescue. Dakin, though, is a formidable opponent, and persistent; he will achieve his objective of delivering the recalcitrant young diva to the Tribunal’s headquarters.

The chemistry between the irreverent Sabrena and hotshot hunk Dakin causes sparks to fly from their first encounter. Sabrena’s cheeky confidence and general philosophy about life are refreshing, often funny, and occasionally introspective. It’s through her experiences that this story emerges. The characters are all multifaceted and compelling. I feel this book could certainly benefit from some tightening of the structure in a few places, and better proof-reading, particularly in the last half. At times, the story got dragged down by redundancy. However, there are also plenty of instances where the writing positively sparkled; where the way in which the thought was conveyed evinced nothing short of semantic genius. Ms. Bagnell is a natural storyteller, and I hope she will be gifting us with another adventure soon.


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