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Lifethread by L.J. Charles


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McKenna Fin is not human. She is a Moirai Priestess apprenticed to the oldest Fate, Atropos. Her job is to protect humans from demons. Since seventeen-year-olds are the most vulnerable to demon attack, she and her sister priestesses are perpetual high school seniors.

An error caused Nathan Quinn to be different from other humans. He can actually see demons and hear their emotions. Nathan has watched McKenna dispatch them by severing their lifethreads. When he is captured by some unusually nasty specimens, McKenna leads the rescue mission.

The three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, respectively, spin, measure, and determine the end of human life. Fathered by Zeus, each is served by a Moirai Priestess. Since he is an imperfect creation, McKenna has been ordered to cut Nathan’s Lifethread. However, unexpected events intervene, Nathan and she develop a special friendship, and McKenna risks everything, including the Fates’s wrath, when the balance in the universe is threatened.

This enjoyable story weaves myth and supernatural horror together. McKenna has been a high school senior for fifty years. At the whim of the Fates, she and her sister priestesses must move each year to a new school, where the local demon infestation requires their unique skills. Personally, I would have preferred the language to have been more mature. The priestesses, though they looked seventeen, were all at least several decades older than that, after all. However, this is a young adult novel, so I imagine the language will appeal especially to younger readers. Mackenzie is a likable heroine with a strong ethical code who is loyal and compassionate. It is also worth mentioning that this self-published book is particularly well-edited and polished. At one point, the word “shutter” is used when the context implies “shudder” but, other than that single occurrence, I noticed no other problems. Overall, I found it to be a fun, engaging read that is filled with plenty of action.

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