Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inner Demons by Jasmine Denton

Inner Demons

My rating: 4 of 5 Cups

Coming back to live with his kindly grandmother in Tree Hollow is difficult for Caine McKay. But, with his mom in a mental institution and his dad in prison, Caine has little choice in the matter. He fears the rage inside him – the uncontrollable demon that lurks under his skin.

Tree Hollow is a small, tight-knit community. The preacher’s daughter, Hannah, is the first to befriend Caine. However, her long-time boyfriend, Andy, is jealous and taunts him.

He had felt safe and protected constantly moving about the country with his father, now he feels only despair and dreads that the monster inside him will break out. Then something horrible happens of which Caine has no memory; which devastates and terrifies Hannah. Finally, Caine must face his darkest fears.

The sinister sense of dark foreboding is intricately woven throughout this short tale. I could not help but feel a deep empathy for Caine. As the story moves along, bits and pieces of his sordid history are dredged up. There are tantalizing undercurrents the hint at the awful truth but, it is not until the very end when it all finally becomes clear and Caine grasps salvation.

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