Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott

Fierce Dawn
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

At first disconcerted because I felt as if I were jumping into a story already well in progress, it took a couple of chapters for me to catch-up and start to get a basic understanding of what was transpiring. About a third of the way into the book, I became fully engaged and, especially during the final half I was rapidly clicking to discover what would happen next.

Clinically diagnosed with a mental illness, Sadie is living in a garage apartment thanks to the generosity of her cousin Jen. Sadie and her younger sister, Heather, had a difficult childhood because their mother suffered from an extreme form of mental illness – or so it was believed.

But now, Sadie is changing, becoming something different. With chronic pain in her shoulder blades and neck that is only relieved by Elijah’s caresses, Sadie struggles to appease the concerns of her little sister and carefree cousin. Simultaneously, she deals with the realization that there are forces bent on killing or capturing her for their own purposes. Then there is the prophecy. Nothing is as it seems. Sadie can not even trust her own emotions. She has a desperate longing to believe in a love that Elijah is forbidden to embrace, even though his desire for Sadie is as intense and bewildering as he has ever known. The mortal and the immortal realms are converging. Will the changlings be the key to successfully managing the transition or do they herald the destruction of all?
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Maria Behar said...

Nothing like a yummylicious hunk on a cover to attract attention to a book! When I got closer, and read your review, I decided this book just HAD to be on my TBR pile! So I promptly added it to my Amazon Wish List!

Thanks for sharing! : )

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