Friday, June 17, 2011

Dark Paradise by Temple Hogan

Dark Paradise (Taste of Darkness)
My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

The Librarian, Mollie Prescott, was attacked just as she was making her final rounds that stormy night. When she awakes in the hospital she has no recollection of the attack, but as the days pass, her strength and health return. In fact, she begins to feel oddly different. Sunlight irritates her eyes, and she craves rare steaks and Bloody Mary’s. Mostly, though, her mind is flooded with erotic images and her body aches for the tall, sexy, stranger with the accent who had rescued her. She longs for his caresses; hungering for him as her mind replays intimate scenes of the two of them entwined together.

Matthew Stanislaus had rescued the prim librarian then tracked the killer, Vasilek, and dispatched him. A vampire slayer, Matthew, returns to find Mollie alive yet different. With difficulty, he attempts to control his lustful cravings for the beautiful victim because he knows it will be his duty to destroy her if she turns and begins to take innocent lives.

This book held my attention from the first page to the very last sentence. The chemistry and interaction between Matthew and Mollie is undoubtedly drool-worthy. Mollie really vamped it up for her final, hilarious date with her stodgy, controlling fiancé, Dan, and his persnickety, boorish parents. Oh yeah, she deserved so much more than what he offered. That is a fun scene and one which I enjoyed so much I reread. I loved the byplay between Matthew and Mollie, even facing danger and an uncertain future, the spontaneity and sparkle between the pair kept me smiling and entertained. The story unfolds at a lively pace and has enough twists that I was never bored. This short read has a delightful mix of humor and suspense and flows flawlessly; there is an easy appeal here that satisfies.

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