Monday, June 20, 2011

Blood Wish by Fionn Jameson

Blood Wish (Centennial City Novel)
My Rating 4.5 Stars

Supernatural negotiator Eve Faulkner is fired after a mission to rescue the mayor’s Son backfires and a secret is revealed that embarrasses the city leader. Outcast and broke, Eve accepts an extremely dangerous job with the Vampire Master, Vincent Sheridan. Eve attempts to discharge her duties in a professional manner, and not allow her growing attraction to Vincent distract her. However, with the vampires and the weres teetering on the cusp of all-out war; a monster of unknown origin loose in the sewers; and the terrible knowledge that, in just a few months, she will undergo a frightening transformation over which she has no control, Sometimes even the best intentions go awry bringing about unforeseen consequences.

From start to finish I was caught up in the action of this fast-paced urban Fantasy adventure. Eve is ultra-loyal to her friends and always follows her own moral code. With her quirky personality and irreverent humor, she is a delight to trail along after as she seems to find herself in unusual and savagely dangerous situations with astonishing regularity. I loved the interactions and banter between all the significant characters. I enjoyed the storyline tremendously, and felt the writing is creative and flows smoothly to a satisfying conclusion that still leaves me eager for the next adventure.

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J.L. Campbell said...

I like fast-paced, danger-around-every-corner reads, so this sounds good.

Laurie said...

Hi Jill, Thanks for coming by and commenting. I visiting your website. Contraband looks like a good read. I'm now following you on Twitter, and I liked your Amazon Product page and Author Page...Didn't see anywhere to follow your blog.