Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tracking Shadows by Regan Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tracking ShadowsIn 2096, when scarcity is commonplace, and even everyday items are outlawed or strictly regulated, a few enterprising entrepreneurs have tremendous influence over black market items. In Chicago, Slick Micky, runs his organization in a firm yet strangely benevolent fashion. Of course, when you are at the top of the heap, the opposition against you is formidable. When Micky’s friend and partner is murdered, he is determined to unravel the conspiracy aligned against him, and protect his family.

As clues are uncovered, an assassin is unleashed. Then the situation really gets complicated as Micky’s past finally catches up to him. Old hurts and long-buried feelings resurface when Micky discovers the assassin is Trina, a beloved friend from another lifetime ago.

Micky and Trina seem to be continually repelled and attracted to each other even though both have changed significantly during their years’ apart, but when the chips are down, and tough decisions must be made, they seem to end up always protecting each other’s back. This story weaves a spell that kept me glued to the pages as the convoluted and exciting activity ultimately delivered me to a supremely satisfying denouement.

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Books and Bane said...

I love 2096!!!! UG, I hope this is the right spot!!!
{ you can score two more bonus entries for the Smuggler’s Stash when you visit Laurie’s Thoughts and Books R Us Online. Just add a comment at each site with the phrase “I love 2096“!}

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Laurie said...

Hi Books and Bane! Yes, this is right place :) Good luck to Regan and all the Fantastic FLIRTY authors in this event, MENAGE A BLOG

Regan Black said...

Yup, you found the right place! Thanks so much for hopping along with this event!

Adding your bonus entry now - good luck!


loves to dive said...

Hey Laurie - just stopping by since you know I've read Tracking Shadows. I'm hopping around and am trying to get Regan's stash. (that sounded bad). Anyway, I love 2096 and Slick Mickey rocks.

Eileen (Books R Us) said...

I love 2096.
Thanks for the great review.

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Sapphyria said...

I love 2096! (and your review of the book too-I can't wait to read it.)


cardinole said...

“I love 2096“!
I am very excited to read Regans book! I absolutely love this tour!!

Laura G.

tweezle said...

Great review! I need a book I can't put down. :)

I love 2096


Nikki said...

Great review!!
I love 2096!!

Regan Black said...

You all have NO idea how excited I am to add these bonus entries. Thanks for the comments - your making this such an awesome event!


Krystal said...

I love 2096 Looks like a great book! edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom

Pinky said...


Stopping by to say "I love 2096"!


DANIELA said...

Hi Laurie, hi Regan
*waving at you both”
“I Love 2096”... and I’d very much like to be friends with Slick Micky!


Sanat said...

I love 2096! Thanks for being a sponsor.

William Green said...

Everything about Tracking Shadows sounds so intriguing I can't wait to read it. I love 2096!

Anne said...

I love 2096.

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Tracking Shadows seems to be a wonderful whorl-wind ride. I love 2096!


Julie said...

I really want to read this book, and I Love 2096!!

jwitt33 at live dot com

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Let's hear it for 2096!
I am eagerly waiting to read Tracking Shadows. I love these blog tours. They offer wonderful new authors to romance readers.

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth said...

I Love 2096 and Menage a Blog!

Regan Black said...

Okay, every time I come in here to gather up the extra entries, Loves To Dive's comment makes me LOL.
(my keyboard doesn't need the abuse)

Good luck to everyone and I must say I'm loving all this excitement!

You rock, Laurie!

anaavu said...

Great review!!
I love 2096!

Chrystal said...

I too am here in support of Regan Black's quest to secure the number one slot. And of course, I am here to score more bonus entries for the Smuggler’s Stash, because I love 2096! It is doubtful I'll live 85 more years (considering my current age) but still I love 2096! and the possibilities it will bring.

Here's my email address again:

Vicki Keire said...

I am really excited about Regan's book!
I love 2096!
Wouldn't it be weird if I was still alive then? I'd be all prepared... :)
Thanks to Laurie for hosting!

Judy said...

"I Love 2096"

Enjoying finding all the authors and books, and the opportunity to win great things. This is fun!!

Thanks for hosting!!


~ Babs ~ said...

“I love 2096“!


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Belinda said...

"I love 2096!" and I'm addicted to Slick Micky!

You rock Regan!

Heather Powers said...

I love 2096 and Slick Mickey:)

Heather Powers
earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

Crystal R said...

AWESOMENESS!!!! I love 2096

crystal.t.rutherford (without the space)

Linda: By the Book said...

That sounds like an awesome read!
I love 2096!

Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

Denise Z said...

This is a wonderful book by lovely author. Thank you for participating and supporting this fun Menage A Blog tour event. We readers owe so much to these writers who share these treats with us and make us aware of new reading material out there. I absolutely LOVE 2096!


Pauline said...

Laurie thanks for being a sponsor and your honest reviews. Love reading your blog.

Can't wait to read more about Slick Mickey cause I love 2096

suffer_in_silence said...

do you love your butt? well aparently i love 2096!

Jenny D said...

Apparently you're eagerly awaiting me to tell you that I love 2096? Though, considering we'll all be old and gray, I think we actually all love the IDEA of 2096...

Laurie said...

Hey everybody!!! ***Waves like a lunatic*** I've had my nose buried in a book all day and I'm just coming up for air....
Jenny're so right...but at least with Regan's book we can get a glimpse of what we'll be missing...Hahah!! Who knows???? maybe the fountain of youth will be discovered or manufactured (in China) and we'll all still be around, young and beautiful. I'd be a mule for Slick Mickey!! :)

Tracy said...

I love 2096 and each review I read just makes me love it more!

Kim said...

I love 2096 and Regan Black! Keep the books coming. We want Mira! We want Mira!

Mara said...

I'll make this short and sweet cua\z I got lots of blogging to do tonite! “I love 2096"
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ruby95660 said...

Ruby M says...
“I love 2096“!!

missyebookmail said...

“I love 2096“
Getting more and more anxious to read this book!!
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Phoenix said...

I love 2096. I'm going to pack a bag and I'll see you in 2095.

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joder said...

I love 2096 and your review too.

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LizzieBeth said...

I love 2096.

Very lovely review. Makes me want to read the book all the more.

latishajean said...

I love 2096 and I'm addicted to Slick Micky! Great review thanks for sharing following Menage a Blog!

Robin said...

I love 2096!

Robin D
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