Friday, May 20, 2011

Cameron Sisters Book Two Texas True by Celia Yeary

Cameron Sisters Book Two Texas True
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

True Cameron fell in love at the Governor’s Ball and after a whirlwind courtship married the devilishly handsome, sexy Sam Deleon. Unfortunately, True discovers that Sam has an agenda of his own.

Sam must act quickly if he is to have any chance of fulfilling the stipulations for inheriting the money left in his trust fund. His father, a mean, miserly, brutish man may be deceased, but Sam still bears the scars the man left upon his soul.

True’s dream is to have a home on a ranch, working beside the man she loves. It is a simple dream but one she will have to fight for. Sam is a difficult man to understand, and his petulant, demanding mother becomes an impossible strain on the already troubled relationship. However, when True sets her mind to a course of action she becomes an unstoppable force; quietly and resolutely determined to let nothing stand in the way of her goal.

This sweet western romance deftly captured the flavor and pioneering spirit of those rowdy times in south Texas. The story is a mesmerizing tale of a beautiful, affluent young woman caught up in an unexpected web of deceit, who rather than whine and complain about the situation, sets a course which will ultimately reward those closest to her with a bounty of unexpected blessings. I enjoyed this well-written, obviously lovingly researched tale about a woman who stood by her man and spoke her mind, though usually in a gentle and gracious manner. This is a beautiful, uplifting story that is sure to lovingly ensnare women of all ages.



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