Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinning by Michael Baren

                                                             5 Stars
This is an absolutely charming and remarkable book; mainstream fiction at its very best. At times, I would laugh out loud as I rapidly read the entire book at breakneck speed because with every page flip the story kept me engaged and wondering “what next?” Dylan is a likable single man; handsome and somewhat promiscuous, with a terrific job and a few staunch friends. He is foot-free and fancy-free with an aversion to, what he and his friends refer to as pre-fabs, a rather insulting and comical term for having a relationship with a person who already has a child or other dependent. Dylan is exceedingly good in his executive position in public relations. He can put the spin on any story with finesse.

When an old ex-lover and her three-year-old daughter unexpectedly appear on his threshold late one night, Dylan’s world is shaken, as his eyes become open to new, exciting possibilities. However, when he suddenly becomes a pre-fab himself with sole custody of a winsome and precocious little girl-child, his world is changed forever. Dylan flounders in his new role occasionally, but, as the days become weeks, his desire to protect and love his new charge becomes more important to him than anything else in his life.

Told with forthright style and candor but without much sentimentality, the narration ensnared my heart easily and put me fearlessly right there beside Dylan and little Spring, cheering them on and commiserating with them during times of trouble. This is a powerful story with a fabulous message of goodness and hope striving to survive and, yes, prosper even during times of forlorn sadness and despair that threatens to overwhelm even the strongest of psyches. Basically, though, it is a refreshing testament to the importance of love and the connections we make.

reviewer for Night Owl Reviews

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