Monday, April 4, 2011

A Song for My Mother by Kat Martin

                                                                                4 Cups
This is a charming story that I read in a single session.  The characters are remarkably well depicted, believable and likeable.  I think the pacing was outstanding; I never lost interest and was kept fully engaged as the story evolved.  I particularly like that Reed is a fairly straight-forward type of guy who deals ably with the prickly Marly.  In many ways, he becomes as much of a bridge between Marla and Winnie as the darling, irrepressible Katie. This sweet, feel-good story will appeal to women of all ages.  It is a beautifully written testament to the fact that past mistakes, failures, or heartbreaks should never deter us from striving toward a better, more promising future. Read Full Review

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