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Savage Nature by Christine Feehan

Savage Nature (Leopard People, #5)

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Saria Boudreaux has grown up, alone for the most part, in the swamps of southern Louisiana. Something in the tangled growth and wild, untamed land settles her mind and soul as nothing else can. During her childhood, her five much older brothers were often absent for long periods, and her father, in his later years, was a bitter, cantankerous alcoholic who largely ignored the unruly Saria.

Drake Donovan comes to investigate some secretive and disturbing allegations about a series of unexplained deaths occurring in the remote swampland of southern Louisiana. He hires Saria as his guide based on her reputation as one who knows the local terrain, waterways, and clans who inhabit the vast area.

Drake arrives and is astonished when his leopard immediately recognizes Saria as his true mate. As he learns more about his young guide, he quickly comes to the realization that this job is going to be much more difficult than he had anticipated. He also must tread carefully as he courts the headstrong, free-spirited young woman, pledges to keep her safe from a serial killer, and vigorously defends her honor as her leopard slowly awakens within her.

A fully stand-alone entry within the Leopard People series, this book takes the reader deep into the Louisianan Bayou where one can practically smell the aroma of the wetlands, with its abundance of flora stingily clinging to the limited soil resources in the boggy swamp. There is a heavy, oppressiveness that runs through much of the book that perfectly conveys the rich gothic elements that are woven throughout. Much of the action takes place during rainstorms and with the characters slogging through a hostile, yet beautiful marsh. I loved the robust, flowing descriptions of the dark, remote, mysterious terrain that is so incredibly believable and well-depicted – obviously researched in scintillating detail. I loved that Saria is a strong, capable, fiercely independent woman who is also quick-witted and opinionated. This book hooked me early and thrilled me with its fresh prose and reclusive inhabitants. Ms. Feehan shows us all, yet again, her inspired artistry of storytelling.

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