Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lone Star Intrigue by Debra Smith White

3 Stars

This novel kept me interested and I enjoyed the way in which Charli and Jack ignited the fireworks between them for a second chance at love. Charli’s daughter, Bonnie, is a sweet child who stole a couple of scenes. There were, in fact, several supporting characters that were honestly portrayed and well-developed. I was disappointed that the actual way in which the crime was carried out was left mostly unexplained.


For the most part, this novel held my interest though I feel it became a bit too preachy at times, which, for me, became a distraction. I also had a difficult time accepting Sonny’s rather sudden epiphany. Coty is an adorable, frustrating, little guy; he brought back to my mind those years, long past now, when my children were toddlers and how very demanding they could be. The suspense is better maintained in this novel than in the first book, I feel.

Both books are enjoyable and fast-paced. For me, the religious element is somewhat overdone in Texas Pursuit, but I am sure that is exactly what will appeal to many other readers. What most enchanted me while reading both novels is the lovely East Texas setting. While I am familiar with Bullard and have been through that town several times, I am most familiar with Tyler, as, at almost 100,000 in population, it is the closest large-size city to my rural home. I also vividly recall the scorching heat and awful humidity we had in this area last summer. The description of the sweltering heat and humidity in both novels was masterfully and accurately conveyed. Read Full Review

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