Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Neon by Danielle D. Smith

                                                              5 STARS
In the NeonIn this, her newest release in the sensational Angels & Demons series featuring those hunky, ultimate bad-boy denizens of Hell, we are privileged to meet Faust.  An immortal member of an elite band of Demons tasked as Soul Collectors, Faust is a True Native – not a fallen angel but rather born of evil to his calling. For thousands of years, Faust has been doing his job, wrecking havoc and chaos on Earth, leading sinners astray, and delivering their soiled souls to his dark Master.  That is, until the day he first encounters Annie, a stripper, in an alley behind a seedy joint called In The Neon.  As Faust becomes beguiled by the lovely and winsome Swedish beauty he soon discovers that Annie is an enigma and a perplexing contradiction wrapped up in a package that is alluring and mysterious to the jaded Shadow Man.  Faust is called to follow a different course – a rocky road, on a slippery slope, fraught with peril, that could lead him to his ultimate destruction or, possibly, eventual salvation.

Annie has never encountered anyone like Faustie before. Darkly handsome with a quiet, subdued earnestness that appeals to her bookish nature, she feels safe and cherished when he is near…until the horrific night when she is brutally attacked by a jealous client. The raging demon, with his fearsome visage, terrifies Annie and she even questions her own sanity, for surely such a creature lives only in nightmares…and yet…

The story of Annie and Faust adds yet another branch to the genealogical tree being masterfully created in the mind of the artistically gifted author, Danielle Smith. The voice and overall tone of this new novella is dark, raw, and fearlessly inspires readers to challenge themselves and question their own personal moral deficiencies – after-all, Faust is no super-hero disguised as a mild-mannered citizen.  For thousands of years his actions have left devastation in his wake.  Yet, now, Annie, flawed though she may be, unwittingly becomes the vessel of his redemption. 

The narrative is poetic with a unique musicality all its own.  The words will haunt you.  This darkly disturbing, yet beautiful love story is also illustrated throughout with images that will become seared into your mind even as your synapses struggle to process the chilling repercussions, as evil’s might is brought forcefully against the newly-reformed Native Son, Faust.  I also recommend Danielle’s Psyche’s Gate, the story that started it all, and Black Dog and Rebel Rose.  All are graphic, erotic, horror entries that will appeal to niche readers with a desire to experience the extraordinary.  The language and situations can be raw and may invoke uncomfortable feelings. Though I would like to point out that Psyche’s Gate is much less sexually graphic than the later books. Each of the three books can be read and enjoyed alone without any loss of continuity – so pick one up and get started today.

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This book was provided to me by the author for review purposes. This review reflects my own unbiased opinion.    

Psyche's GateBlack Dog and Rebel RoseIn the Neon


Tanya1224 said...

Thank you for sharing =) I did enter the contest and thank you for giving us a chance to win. I just recently became aware of Danielle's writings. I ususlly buy for my kindle but I love her covers and want the book. I look forward to reading her work. Thanks

Laurie said...

Hi Tanya, Thanks for commenting and for entering the giveaway.....Good luck!! :)