Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark Passion Rising by Shannan Albright

                                                      4 Cups
Dedicated Las Vegas police officer, Tambra Ellis, is savagely attacked late one night while chasing a suspect. When she awakens three days later, what she learns rocks her world.

When Marcus Valerian rescues Tambra literally from the jaws of death, and tenderly nurses her back to health, he soon realizes that, against all odds, Tambra is his one true love.

Temple Fox, leader of the Lycans, is just arrogant enough to believe he can woo Tambra with his charm and good looks. They desperately need fertile females to strengthen the bloodline because the Lycan breed is on the verge of extinction.  However, Marcus, who is a vampire and a member of an elite group called Enforcers, knows that the Lycans, facing extinction, will fight for Tambra by any means, fair or foul. Marcus is determined that Tambra must be allowed to make her own decisions and not be coerced into a relationship that is not of her choosing.

This was a quick read for me as the author immediately set the stage with skin-tingling, hair-raising eeriness. I genuinely like Tambra. She is a Sassy, self-reliant heroine who doesn’t come across as too brash or sarcastic.  I was drawn to her loyalty and dedication to duty. I would have liked to have felt a bit more of the unique flavor of Las Vegas as it is the backdrop for this adventure. Still, there were a few unexpected twists as the story unfolded which added to its allure, for me. This is the first book in a planned series by this author and, in my opinion, she is off to a promising start.

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