Friday, April 29, 2011

Savage Nature by Christine Feehan

Savage Nature (Leopard People, #5)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Saria Boudreaux has grown up, alone for the most part, in the swamps of southern Louisiana. Something in the tangled growth and wild, untamed land settles her mind and soul as nothing else can. During her childhood, her five much older brothers were often absent for long periods, and her father, in his later years, was a bitter, cantankerous alcoholic who largely ignored the unruly Saria.

Drake Donovan comes to investigate some secretive and disturbing allegations about a series of unexplained deaths occurring in the remote swampland of southern Louisiana. He hires Saria as his guide based on her reputation as one who knows the local terrain, waterways, and clans who inhabit the vast area.

Drake arrives and is astonished when his leopard immediately recognizes Saria as his true mate. As he learns more about his young guide, he quickly comes to the realization that this job is going to be much more difficult than he had anticipated. He also must tread carefully as he courts the headstrong, free-spirited young woman, pledges to keep her safe from a serial killer, and vigorously defends her honor as her leopard slowly awakens within her.

A fully stand-alone entry within the Leopard People series, this book takes the reader deep into the Louisianan Bayou where one can practically smell the aroma of the wetlands, with its abundance of flora stingily clinging to the limited soil resources in the boggy swamp. There is a heavy, oppressiveness that runs through much of the book that perfectly conveys the rich gothic elements that are woven throughout. Much of the action takes place during rainstorms and with the characters slogging through a hostile, yet beautiful marsh. I loved the robust, flowing descriptions of the dark, remote, mysterious terrain that is so incredibly believable and well-depicted – obviously researched in scintillating detail. I loved that Saria is a strong, capable, fiercely independent woman who is also quick-witted and opinionated. This book hooked me early and thrilled me with its fresh prose and reclusive inhabitants. Ms. Feehan shows us all, yet again, her inspired artistry of storytelling.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bitter Demons (Peachville High Demons #3) by Sarra Cannon

Bitter Demons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say? This is the third novella in Ms. Cannon’s Demons of Peachville High series and this one really delivers. The stakes are higher than ever, loyalties are questioned, and the Order of Shadow’s actions and agenda seem ever more dubious and shady. Harper unexpectedly learns some unsavory bits of history regarding Jackson that threatens their relationship, and she embraces strange and potent new abilities. Mary Ann remains an enigma, and Brook morphs into a mean-spirited, jealous rival. Still, Harper is unwilling to accept defeat, and she challenges authority when she feels it is necessary and right to do so. Harper’s moral compass guides her actions and she is firmly anchored by the knowledge that her destiny may await, but the path she chooses to meet that fate will be her own.

I love the way in which the author is expanding this world, introducing new characters with motives and aspirations of their own. This story is filled with surprises and obstacles. I love Harper’s resilience and refusal to accept the status quo; rather she is an agent of change and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers (literally) in her quest to more fully understand her role in this strange and elite society. Harper is coming of age, and I am so glad to watch as she learns new talents, occasionally has set-backs, but through it all displays irrepressible optimism and hope. This series is positively spell-binding; each new book surpasses the last with the depth of the characters and the scope of this magical world. I am eagerly anticipating the next installment and unreservedly recommend this series to readers of any age.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inner Demons (Peachville High Demons, #2) by Sarra Cannon

Inner Demons (Peachville High Demons, #2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

This is the second novella in the Peachville High Demon series and, I must say, I found it just as engrossing and enchanting as the first book,Beautiful Demons. Told from the perspective of the young recruit, Harper Madison, the dialogues are deftly handled. The uncertainty and angst of the sixteen-year-old protagonist, Harper, resonates throughout. However, through it all, Harper struggles to make the right choices and to discover who she is and what she truly wants to become. She is stubborn, loyal and likable, with a deep, abiding passion for unraveling the mystery inherent in Peachville. There are dark entities apparently existing in a symbiotic relationship with the prominent citizens of the small, exclusive community, and Harper becomes the prize in a long-standing conflict between two factions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this series to mature readers as well teens. The pacing is fast; I was never allowed to become bored or to let my attention wander. The author is adept at creating situations and encounters that surprise and bemuse. As Harper’s world view changes, and she becomes caught up in events she never expected, we are given front-row seats, and also the opportunity to watch her blossom. I am very much looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Skin Thief by Sonnet O'Dell

Skin Thief (Cassandra Farbanks Series.)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cassandra Farbanks is a powerful witch and something more, as she is discovering at unexpected moments. Her brand new business, as a Paranormal Investigator, is up and running with, this, her very first case.

The oldest inmate, Ivan Petrovich, incarcerated on three counts of manslaughter, had been a model prisoner…until now. Cassandra is called in to investigate an bizarre claim that the badly beaten old prisoner is actually the new home for the soul of the young guard Petrovich attacked.

Cassandra works with the Investigating police officer, Hamilton, and they begin tracking the elusive skin thief. Using her powers and engaging the assistance of others in her network, Cassandra and Hamilton piece together the motive for the uncharacteristic attacks. Of course, nothing is ever easy, and Cassandra’s personal life suffers because of her dedication to her new venture and unwillingness to compromise her principles, regardless of personal risk.

This book is actually the third in the Cassandra Farbanks series by Sonnet O’Dell, but it is an outstanding read all on its own merit. The story is quirky, fast-paced, and immediately captured my attention and my imagination. I did not always expressly agree with Cassandra’s methods, but I certainly admired her independent spirit and tenacity. After finishing this novel, my first thought was to search for the prior two books featuring Cassandra Farbanks because I am absolutely sure I will also thoroughly enjoy reading about the earlier escapades starring this intractable and sassy heroine whose messy personal life just makes her all the more loveable and interesting. This is a must-read Urban Fantasy that I am thrilled to have chanced upon.

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Cassandra Farbanks series:

Book 1 Soul MarketRead CTR Review by Danielle  
Book 2 Lost Innocents | Read CTR Review by Maura
Book 3 Skin ThiefSoul MarketLost Innocents    Skin Thief

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nocturnal Origins by Amanda S. Green

Nocturnal Origins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dallas Police Detective Mackenzie Santos survived a brutal attack a few weeks earlier and has now returned to work only to find out that the monster that attacked her is still gunning for her. Mac is suffering strange after-affects and is having a difficult few days. In fact, she wonders this is real or some awful nightmare.

Mac and her new partner, Pat, leave no stone unturned in their search for the elusive and vicious killer. As she and Pat diligently work the case together Pat helps Mac come to better understand and accept her new reality. The friendship between the two women grows slowly even as their progress reports to their leader and Captain, Mike King, become increasingly alarming.

The truce between the natural-born shifters and the weres is on the cusp of a total breakdown. Neither leader wants to escalate the tensions, possibly provoking a war, however, there is a faction of discontented were’s being led astray by a malcontent with a personal agenda – and Mac is at the top of his “to do” list.

I really enjoyed the fact that most of the story takes place in and around the Greater Dallas Metroplex, since I am familiar with the area. I often found my attention wandering and I would have liked there to have been more action throughout. The author did not stint on describing the thoughts, concerns and worries of the important characters, but I feel the redundancy became excessive and because of that the pacing suffers. The characters are intriguing, and the important ones are especially well-fleshed. My feeling is that Ms. Green intent was to add realism by allowing the characters to give voice, both verbally and mentally, to the fears and insecurities that any of us would feel in a similar situation. However, in my fantasies, I have to say that I prefer the main character, especially, to be less of a whiner. The plot and the mystery element both are thin. All in all, for me this was an Ok read. I would have preferred a tighter overall structure, though I do think the conversations between the characters were written well and seemed natural.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sojourn With A Stranger by Keta Diablo

Sojourn With A Stranger

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This ghostly historical captivates with its snappy dialogue, broody, mysterious leading man, and naïve but stubborn heroine. Add in sundry delightful secondary characters and a storyline that blends mystery, romance and the supernatural into a tightly woven, beautiful tapestry, and you have a sure-fire dynamite of a read. Ms. Diablo excels at creating characters with depth and charisma and then placing them in unusual, sometimes uncomfortable, situations. The story is outstanding, the characters are delightful and the hot intimate scenes are tastefully described in such a way that is sure to set fire to your heart. Pick this book and be transported away from the ordinary.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Six Cats In My Kitchen by Lyn Horner

Six Cats In My Kitchen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I opened this book up on my kindle basically to glance over the first several pages to ensure the download came through properly, and found myself hard-pressed to set it down. It is written in a conversational style that made me feel as if I was listening to a friend chatting with me over a cup of coffee. There is a lot of humor peppered throughout the narrative, but I do agree with the author’s declaration that this book is not just a cutesy kitty book. There are, for instance, several episodes that I found heart-rending. Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed and could relate to the self-deprecating humor found within. Her animal companions are cherished family members, all with distinctive personalities and quirks.

Ms. Horner does a masterful job weaving the details of a busy and productive family life, dealing with the affects of a progressive and debilitating genetic disorder, and providing entertaining and candid insights into feline behavior and temperament. There are numerous pages of pictures scattered throughout. I wish the pictures could have been enlarged with perhaps just one or two images to each kindle page, instead of the usual montage of four or five images, so that I could have seen more detail. But, the pictures were a particularly nice touch, and I enjoyed those pages almost as much as I liked the story. Being a cat lover myself, and deeply devoted to their happiness and welfare, I am not entirely in agreement with some particulars, but then again, I am sure there are probably almost as many ideas about cat care and sharing living space with the curious creatures as there are different types of cats. I recommend this book and I know you will be as charmed as I was.


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Driving While Dead by Donald Gorman

Driving While Dead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jennifer just snapped. It was an accident, really, but then who could really blame her after the way he’d treated her for years. And honestly, Jennifer should not be driving. Not in her condition and especially, not in that car.

Come along on a doozey of a ride with Donald Gorman. This tightly crafted short story delivers as Jennifer and her friend, Paul, experience hair-raising terror and encounter unexpected consequences to actions best forgotten. However, Bobbie is not one to forgive and forget; he’ll not rest until revenge, sweet, sweet revenge, is his. Come, the journey awaits.

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* I purchased this book for myself in ebook format.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucky Stiff by Deborah Coonts

Lucky Stiff

My rating: 4 1/2 of 5 stars

Savvy and fashionable, with a knack for solving unusual problems, and soothing the temperamental egos of the rich and privileged, Lucky O’Toole knows how to tackle critical issues and get the best possible results even against seemingly overwhelming odds. As a Customer Relations Executive for a huge Las Vegas Resort, the upcoming weekend promises to test her people skills to the max.

This book opens with an entomological mess and Lucky smack-dab in the middle. I was instantly engaged and faithfully chewed through the pages as the problems kept mounting. The flavor and feel of Las Vegas permeated every page and for me, enhanced my overall enjoyment of the entire book. Unflappable, for the most part, Lucky deals with issues in her own unique and often humorous manner. I thought the pacing was exceptional. There were madcap periods of craziness, sure, but the author kept the suspense of the main storyline going even as side trips were handled with aplomb and ingenuity. Best of all, there were well-timed little lulls which allowed Lucky to slow down and breathe. I also enjoyed the brief respites as, sometimes, I have read books where the pacing never lets up even a little and I just end up exhausted at the end of the journey. That, thankfully, was not the case in this instance. The story unfolded quickly and in many directions, but it was always entertaining and, at the end, I finished it satisfied and eager for another Lucky O’Tool adventure.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Son of Heaven by David Wingrove

Son of Heaven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A dystopian look at a possible future Earth about fifty years hence, this book is the first in a planned series of twenty. I absolutely devoured this huge book because once I started I just hated to put it aside, even for short periods. I got so wrapped up in Jake’s story and the lives of people struggling to survive twenty some odd years after the total collapse of the world economy and infrastructure. Told in a very easy to read, straight-forward, yet positively mesmerizing style I felt as if I were there, sharing the experience, celebrating the small triumphs, mourning the losses, but mostly, fearful of the uncertain future barreling down upon us.

In this alternate future Earth, the Chinese, under the leadership of one brilliant and capricious man, successfully set the Information Age back hundreds of years. Lawlessness abounds and small communities band together for mutual protection and trade. There are three distinct parts. The story opens in 2065, in rural Dorset, England. Twenty-two years after the collapse, tensions are, once again, mounting, as rumors fly across the land and an unnatural, huge, white structure can be barely discerned on the edge of the horizon. The second part delves backwards in time as details of the economic crisis and ultimate collapse are relayed. It is in this part we discover the role Jake played and relive those harrowing days with him. Then finally, in the third section, the invading force arrives with superior numbers and high-tech weapons, this relentless force seems to be unstoppable and determined to “process” every last living soul.

For anyone who loves science-fiction, dystopian literature, this is surely a must read. I found this book to be exceptionally well-written, totally engrossing and, for the most part, complete within itself. I most certainly do want to read the next book in the series, titled Daylight on Iron Mountain. Whether I will remain enchanted enough to follow through on the entire series remains to be seen as I, usually, prefer series to be no longer than three or four books. This series, may easily become the exception, however, if the writing remains as impressive and original as it was in this first book.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spinning by Michael Baren

                                                             5 Stars
This is an absolutely charming and remarkable book; mainstream fiction at its very best. At times, I would laugh out loud as I rapidly read the entire book at breakneck speed because with every page flip the story kept me engaged and wondering “what next?” Dylan is a likable single man; handsome and somewhat promiscuous, with a terrific job and a few staunch friends. He is foot-free and fancy-free with an aversion to, what he and his friends refer to as pre-fabs, a rather insulting and comical term for having a relationship with a person who already has a child or other dependent. Dylan is exceedingly good in his executive position in public relations. He can put the spin on any story with finesse.

When an old ex-lover and her three-year-old daughter unexpectedly appear on his threshold late one night, Dylan’s world is shaken, as his eyes become open to new, exciting possibilities. However, when he suddenly becomes a pre-fab himself with sole custody of a winsome and precocious little girl-child, his world is changed forever. Dylan flounders in his new role occasionally, but, as the days become weeks, his desire to protect and love his new charge becomes more important to him than anything else in his life.

Told with forthright style and candor but without much sentimentality, the narration ensnared my heart easily and put me fearlessly right there beside Dylan and little Spring, cheering them on and commiserating with them during times of trouble. This is a powerful story with a fabulous message of goodness and hope striving to survive and, yes, prosper even during times of forlorn sadness and despair that threatens to overwhelm even the strongest of psyches. Basically, though, it is a refreshing testament to the importance of love and the connections we make.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dark Passion Rising by Shannan Albright

                                                      4 Cups
Dedicated Las Vegas police officer, Tambra Ellis, is savagely attacked late one night while chasing a suspect. When she awakens three days later, what she learns rocks her world.

When Marcus Valerian rescues Tambra literally from the jaws of death, and tenderly nurses her back to health, he soon realizes that, against all odds, Tambra is his one true love.

Temple Fox, leader of the Lycans, is just arrogant enough to believe he can woo Tambra with his charm and good looks. They desperately need fertile females to strengthen the bloodline because the Lycan breed is on the verge of extinction.  However, Marcus, who is a vampire and a member of an elite group called Enforcers, knows that the Lycans, facing extinction, will fight for Tambra by any means, fair or foul. Marcus is determined that Tambra must be allowed to make her own decisions and not be coerced into a relationship that is not of her choosing.

This was a quick read for me as the author immediately set the stage with skin-tingling, hair-raising eeriness. I genuinely like Tambra. She is a Sassy, self-reliant heroine who doesn’t come across as too brash or sarcastic.  I was drawn to her loyalty and dedication to duty. I would have liked to have felt a bit more of the unique flavor of Las Vegas as it is the backdrop for this adventure. Still, there were a few unexpected twists as the story unfolded which added to its allure, for me. This is the first book in a planned series by this author and, in my opinion, she is off to a promising start.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Neon by Danielle D. Smith

                                                              5 STARS
In the NeonIn this, her newest release in the sensational Angels & Demons series featuring those hunky, ultimate bad-boy denizens of Hell, we are privileged to meet Faust.  An immortal member of an elite band of Demons tasked as Soul Collectors, Faust is a True Native – not a fallen angel but rather born of evil to his calling. For thousands of years, Faust has been doing his job, wrecking havoc and chaos on Earth, leading sinners astray, and delivering their soiled souls to his dark Master.  That is, until the day he first encounters Annie, a stripper, in an alley behind a seedy joint called In The Neon.  As Faust becomes beguiled by the lovely and winsome Swedish beauty he soon discovers that Annie is an enigma and a perplexing contradiction wrapped up in a package that is alluring and mysterious to the jaded Shadow Man.  Faust is called to follow a different course – a rocky road, on a slippery slope, fraught with peril, that could lead him to his ultimate destruction or, possibly, eventual salvation.

Annie has never encountered anyone like Faustie before. Darkly handsome with a quiet, subdued earnestness that appeals to her bookish nature, she feels safe and cherished when he is near…until the horrific night when she is brutally attacked by a jealous client. The raging demon, with his fearsome visage, terrifies Annie and she even questions her own sanity, for surely such a creature lives only in nightmares…and yet…

The story of Annie and Faust adds yet another branch to the genealogical tree being masterfully created in the mind of the artistically gifted author, Danielle Smith. The voice and overall tone of this new novella is dark, raw, and fearlessly inspires readers to challenge themselves and question their own personal moral deficiencies – after-all, Faust is no super-hero disguised as a mild-mannered citizen.  For thousands of years his actions have left devastation in his wake.  Yet, now, Annie, flawed though she may be, unwittingly becomes the vessel of his redemption. 

The narrative is poetic with a unique musicality all its own.  The words will haunt you.  This darkly disturbing, yet beautiful love story is also illustrated throughout with images that will become seared into your mind even as your synapses struggle to process the chilling repercussions, as evil’s might is brought forcefully against the newly-reformed Native Son, Faust.  I also recommend Danielle’s Psyche’s Gate, the story that started it all, and Black Dog and Rebel Rose.  All are graphic, erotic, horror entries that will appeal to niche readers with a desire to experience the extraordinary.  The language and situations can be raw and may invoke uncomfortable feelings. Though I would like to point out that Psyche’s Gate is much less sexually graphic than the later books. Each of the three books can be read and enjoyed alone without any loss of continuity – so pick one up and get started today.

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This book was provided to me by the author for review purposes. This review reflects my own unbiased opinion.    

Psyche's GateBlack Dog and Rebel RoseIn the Neon

Monday, April 11, 2011

Secrets of Paris by Luanne Rice

2 Cups
This book was extremely difficult for me to finish, unfortunately.  Honestly, I would pick it up, read a few pages, and then put it thankfully aside in order to happily read a more entertaining story, instead. In the early pages, I was turned off by the choppy, short sentences and unknown, unpronounceable (for me, anyway) French words. Finally, after about 95 pages, the story began to hold my attention in a limited way. I still had to put it down frequently, during particularly boring passages, but I persevered, and finally finished it three days later – for me almost an eternity. The characters seemed shallow and one-dimensional. The so-called friendship between the three women just did not strike any chords within me.  Except in rare instances, the Americans seemed snooty and self-absorbed. I never accepted they could consider Kelly anything other than a servant, even with their many declarations to the contrary. For me, Secrets of Paris was a disappointing read, and not representative of Ms. Rice’s usually compelling works. Read Full Review

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moon Thrall by Mel Teshco

                                                4 Cups
I admit, I love stories set in Australia.  Add a paranormal element, and I am a fan.  This novella kept me rapidly reading from the first page to the last sentence.  It flows smoothly while being fast-paced. Caleb, particularly, stood out for me. He is a character I loved to hate. This book is the first I have read by this author and I look forward to reading more. Ms. Teshco seems to have a knack for stringing just the right words together so that an indelible image is seared into the mind of the reader - a wonderful gift. Read Full Review  

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Headhunter's Daughter by Tamar Myers

                                            4 Cups 
Step back in history. Be prepared to embrace a culture and attitude vastly different from your own. The Congo of the 1940’s and 1950’s holds a dark fascination that will alternately repel and excite. Under Belgium rule, the European attitudes and beliefs clashed frequently with indigenous practices. There are passages within this book that astounded me; descriptions of encounters with the ferocious Driver ants that chilled me; and humor that left me reeling, ruefully shaking my head. For me, the odd voice in this book took awhile to get into, but I gradually adapted to the cadence, and the distinctive flow of the sentences. Reading this book, I felt the almost sedate ebb and tide of life and death in the jungle.  Culture shock was immediate, but as the mystery unraveled I found myself becoming entranced, almost against my will, in the unfolding drama of this ultimately uniquely mesmerizing narrative. Read Full Review

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

                                                              5 Cups
Nora Roberts launches the reader right into the thick of the excitement of being one of the elite smoke jumpers. The commitment and dedication of the men and women battling on the front lines against the raging infernos of monstrous forest fires is brought fully to life and unflinchingly realized in this compelling novel that is also a heartfelt tribute to those brave individuals. The story is complex but easy to follow as Nora Roberts proves, once again, her ability to masterfully weave numerous sub-plots, motives, and characters into a wholly satisfying reading experience.  The characters are believable and, for the most part, sympathetic. I quickly became invested in them – their triumphs and their heartbreaks. This well-researched and absorbing extreme adventure romance is sure to appeal wildly to a broad cross-section of readers.  This is a must-buy, must-read addition to your Nora Roberts shelf.  Read Full Review

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snatched by Vijaya Schartz

4 Cups
Brimming with action from the first page, this novel starts fast and never relents. It is ripe with hidden agendas, evil villains, toothy tigers, brave heroes, and cowardly sneaks. Oh! And do not forget, exploding volcanoes.  A well-scripted adventure, this dystopian novel delivers thrills and chills on each new page. The story is populated with a diverse array of characters that are endowed with personality and pizzazz. Pick it up and prepare to be swept away in an escapade of intense science fiction excitement. Read Full Review

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lone Star Intrigue by Debra Smith White

3 Stars

This novel kept me interested and I enjoyed the way in which Charli and Jack ignited the fireworks between them for a second chance at love. Charli’s daughter, Bonnie, is a sweet child who stole a couple of scenes. There were, in fact, several supporting characters that were honestly portrayed and well-developed. I was disappointed that the actual way in which the crime was carried out was left mostly unexplained.


For the most part, this novel held my interest though I feel it became a bit too preachy at times, which, for me, became a distraction. I also had a difficult time accepting Sonny’s rather sudden epiphany. Coty is an adorable, frustrating, little guy; he brought back to my mind those years, long past now, when my children were toddlers and how very demanding they could be. The suspense is better maintained in this novel than in the first book, I feel.

Both books are enjoyable and fast-paced. For me, the religious element is somewhat overdone in Texas Pursuit, but I am sure that is exactly what will appeal to many other readers. What most enchanted me while reading both novels is the lovely East Texas setting. While I am familiar with Bullard and have been through that town several times, I am most familiar with Tyler, as, at almost 100,000 in population, it is the closest large-size city to my rural home. I also vividly recall the scorching heat and awful humidity we had in this area last summer. The description of the sweltering heat and humidity in both novels was masterfully and accurately conveyed. Read Full Review

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Witch and the Vampire by Tricia Schneider

                                                   4 Cups
With its well-written storyline, and delightfully gothic mood throughout, this novella is an absolutely pleasurable reading experience.  Sebastian’s angst is described with such believability that I literally groaned at times when he refused to give in to his instincts and all-encompassing desire. The setting and the tone are almost flawlessly depicted. The characters, including most of the minor ones are multifaceted, intriguing creations arising from this author’s imagination. Combining non-graphic romance side by side with the dark, icy, gothic elements is nothing less than inspired storytelling. Read Full Review

The Witch and the WolfCompanion Book:
(the story of Lillian, Melora’s sister)