Friday, March 18, 2011

Vampire Sheikh by Nina Bruhns

                                                           3 Cups
This book started off being a bit difficult for me to really get into.  There were quite a few unknown Egyptian words with which I needed to become familiar. However, after that somewhat rocky start, the story became increasingly mesmerizing and soon I found I was caught up in the drama and suspense of the powerful immortals. This book stands up well on its own, but I wish I had read the other two previous books, as well. The intimate scenes between Josslyn and Seth sizzle.  There is plenty of tension and several unexpectedly tender moments. Those readers well-versed in Egyptian mythology will surely love this entire series. For the rest of us, it is an opportunity to get lost in the excitement of an adventure in a distant, dusty land amid an ornate underground sanctuary. Read Full Review

Immortal Sheikhs series:

Book 1  Lord of the Dessert
Book 2  Shadow of the Sheikh
Book 3  Vampire Sheikh

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