Friday, March 4, 2011

Maelstrom by Elisa Page

                           5 CUPS
I was easily caught up in this thrilling fantasy adventure.  I had to put it down three or four times in order to take care of a chore or run an errand, but I was always eager to get back to the book and immerse myself again into this alternate Texas. I love so many things about the story that it is difficult to narrow it down for purposes of this review. The banter between the characters absolutely sparkled – well-written, believable, at times touching, at times humorous.  I love Nick’s devotion and loyalty to Amalie – he is her constant, steadfast anchor and abiding love.  I love Amalie’s wit, sardonic humor, even her contrariness, but mostly, what appeals to me is her essential goodness. Despite the terrible things inflicted upon her - cruel attempts designed to mold and shape her into someone else’s ideal - she hangs on, she perseveres, and eventually she triumphs. I appreciate the fact that the novel is set here, in Texas, and many references amused me.  Most especially, I like the strange little cat that decides to make its home with Amalie and Nick. This book easily stands on its own.  It ends with a cliffhanger, but the conclusion for this installment seems natural. I am eager for more adventures, and I hope to find time to read Shadowplay, the book that started this series. This book is recommended for any age reader.  Read Full Review

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