Saturday, March 12, 2011

Legend of the Oceina Dragon by J. F. Jenkins

                     4 CUPS
A delightful fantasy, this story is unusual in that it is set in modern times. Characters had their cell phones and other creature gadgets and yet the world seemed much less populous than our world. The lives of the inhabitants seemed less frantic-paced, more spiritually guided – and then, of course, there are the magnificent sentient, telepathic dragons. I could not put the book down once I began reading. This is the first book in a planed series but in many ways, as I read, I felt as though I was in the middle of the series rather than at the beginning. The author left herself plenty of wiggle room for additional novels, fortunately for those of us captivated by this world.  I noticed a few odd turns of phrase and a couple of places I became confused as to what was actually meant, but honestly, those small moments still could not lessen my enjoyment of this tale.  A fantastical world is being created and I believe, without a doubt, this world will become well-loved by fans everywhere. Read Full Review

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