Saturday, March 26, 2011

Human Blend by Lori Pescatore - Amazon Young Adult Breakthrough Contest-Quarter-finalist

Julie, the protagonist, is a special young woman who has some very special abilities.  As the book opens she has just moved into a new town, is scared, but determined to make a new life for herself.  She had recently managed an escape from the thugs who had kept her captive since she was a small child.

Vowing to be cautious, her plan is to try not to attract attention, live quietly, and not allow herself to be drawn into any relationships. She fears her pursuers will eliminate any friends in their eagerness to recapture her.  Almost immediately, however, her carefully considered plan begins to go awry.  But, you see, Julie is uncommonly beautiful and most people are naturally drawn her.  After exiting the bus, she buys a small meal from a street vendor and is not surprised when a cute young man introduces himself and offers to show her around the town.

From this excerpt, I am immediately drawn to Julie, as well, and already feel protective of her.  I want her to succeed and my interest is further peaked at the end of the excerpt as to her aims regarding volunteering at the local hospital.  I love the description of the newly renovated retro hotel, with its huge black chandelier and black and white tiled floor in the lobby.  The descriptive detail, so far, seems perfect to me – not over-blown or showy but just enough to bring the visual image to life in my imagination.  The whole tone that is carefully being conveyed is refined, sedate, and endearing.  I just know the stage is masterfully being set by the author and that Julie will have to face her share of trouble in the near future. I found this excerpt easy to read. It captured my interest immediately and as I read I found myself becoming even more engaged.  I hope I get an opportunity to re-read Human Blend.  I found it an enjoyable read last year, and Ms. Pescatore is such a talented author, I am sure a second reading will uncover nuances I missed before.

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