Friday, March 4, 2011

Entirely Yours by E.R. Haze


                3 CUPS
I like this book. There are numerous characters and several sub-plots that are deftly handled. Personally, I am disconcerted when the speaker in a dialogue is not readily identified. I would have preferred to have seen improved differentiation in that area.  I was also, a time or two, jarred out of the generally smooth story rendition by an unexpected transition to another storyline. However, the overall sequence of events is well-planned so that there are unexpected twists, adding depth and interest to the narrative. As a bonus, I learned a few interesting factoids about airplanes and gliders, but I will confess I have no desire to be a passenger when stunts are being performed – I will gladly pass. Just reading of the descriptions of the maneuvers is enough to scare me! At times while reading, the limits of my credibility were tested but when I reached the end I found I was sorry to let the story go. Read Full Review

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