Saturday, March 12, 2011

Desert Heat by Jamie Debree

     4 Cups
There is a spark of sexual interest between Darren and Marie that makes the shy, introverted woman nervous, tongue-tied, and determined to keep her distance. Darren is beguiled by her naivety and bashfulness, while she fights to retain her autonomy. Most of the action takes place while the team is camping out in the remote desert.  I love that setting, and though it was not described to my satisfaction in the narrative, I was able to add the details in my imagination since I have often seen the stark beauty of the high desert for myself. The story kept my interest throughout and I enjoyed watching Darren’s pursuit and Marie’s consternation. The suspense was good with several unexpected twists.  For those who enjoy adventurous romantic suspense, this book is sure to please.  Read Full Review

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