Monday, March 7, 2011

The Cure by Susan Phelan

              3.75 STARS
I was entertained reading this story. Some of the action takes place on creepy Blackwell Island where, early in the previous century, poor souls were confined in the isolated environment that included a hospital, penitentiary, and mental asylum, along with some other establishments. Long abandoned now, the descriptions of the derelict buildings are particularly chilling. The attraction that develops between Valian and Chancella is plotted out well with lots of magnetic moments invariably relieved as one or the other figuratively steps back re-examining the unnatural feelings and trying to make sense of unfamiliar responses. Chancella displays a peculiar scientific curiosity about everything that seems singularly in character with her introverted, though inquisitive, personality. This book kept me wholly engaged throughout and constantly guessing as to how it would finally play out. Read Full Review   

Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews

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