Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spirit Storm by E.J. Stevens

4.25 STARS

Yuki is back in the eagerly awaited Spirit Guide series.  With great friends surrounding and supporting her, Yuki still has to deal with snide putdowns from some snooty highschool classmates, but she manages to stay true to her own unique self even under duress.  I enjoyed her attire choices in the first book and once again found myself grinning and mentally picturing her get-ups in this book.  Her clothing accessories, while odd, make perfect sense, once she explains.

This is another “feel-good” read that is masterfully told, with witty, often humorous, dialogues and action scenes.  I do have some concerns about possible repercussions from, what I consider to be a brilliantly executed though ill-advised venture, on the wrong side of the law, and against a powerful sect, but I am pretty sure my concerns will be addressed in the next installment of Spirit Guide adventures that should be released later this year.  Again, this fabulous adventure should appeal not only to young adults but to anyone who likes characters with grit and charisma who strive always to overcome adversity – characters that will touch your heart and gladden your soul.
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Books in the Spirit Guide Series:

Book 1 She Smells the Dead   (read my review)
Book 2 Spirit Storm
Book 3  Legend of Witch Trot Road (out later this year)


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