Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scorned by Robin Badillo

      4.5 STARS
Scorned picks right up where Forbidden ended. Sydney is facing almost unbearable loss, but she is more determined than ever to keep her vampire family safe, rescue her dearest love, and constantly get into jams.  I have to say, I absolutely adore her character! She is often impulsive and headstrong, which means she routinely finds herself in trouble or in situations that she never expected. This book, just like the previous one, Forbidden, is an absolute joy to read.  Sydney may be impetuous, but she is also loyal and has a tenaciousness that would put bulldogs to shame. This is an adventurous romp that is fast-paced while still managing to convey intensely believable relationships and byplays between the characters. I have one small nit to pick and that is that too many times the word “glare” is used when I believe the look was, more appropriately, a stare.  Still, this novel will have you chuckling one minute and gasping the next, and it undoubtedly has my recommendation for a fine way to relax on a cold, snowy afternoon. Read Full Review

Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews

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