Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earth's Demon by Robin Leigh Miller

           4 CUPS
This is a delightfully original story that is fun to read. It is a reminder that sometimes the love we seek may be closer than we realize. I love the dynamics exhibited between the four sisters. It is so obvious they love, respect and accept each other; embracing and cherishing each other’s special gifts. It is also a gentle reminder that although the ties that bind us to others can be uniquely diverse, and perhaps even uncomfortable, they challenge us to become more open-minded and empathetic. Chuck struggled with the notion of destiny verses free-will but he also was led to the realization that, with acceptance, came some amazing perks he never could have known, otherwise. Read Full Review

Caution: Contains graphic sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 17.

Elemental Challenges Series:
Eternal Flame, Bk 1
Earth’s Demon, Bk 2
Tempest’s Gift, Bk 3

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