Friday, February 11, 2011

Lust By Moonlight by Desiree Holt

    4.25 STARS
The chemistry between Mark and Chloe is as hot as the dry desert terrain they lope through in their relentless searches. Between them, sex becomes their release valve after long hours on the hunt. There are lots of scorching hot interludes sprinkled throughout the novel. The scenes are tastefully written and do include multiple instances of oral and anal penetration. I have one small quibble. In almost every sex scene, Mark would command Chloe “Don’t move,” while he would reach, or in some cases, race, to put on protection. It just bugged me. Where is she going to go? I just think his vocabulary could have been strengthened or better yet, let his actions do his talking for him.

There are quite a few secondary characters. I thought they were all intriguing, and they each had intelligent, well-developed supporting roles. I should mention that this is the second book in The Night Seekers series but it is complete and able to stand on its own. There are a few references to activities from the previous book, Lust Unleashed; just enough to entice and tempt. I certainly recommend this engrossing novel for mature fans that enjoy suspense and action set against a stark and desolate landscape with an abundance of heat. Read Full Review                          

Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews  (Erotica link)


Vamchoir said...

While I'm not much into erotica I really do like books in a series that can stand on their own. I'm really glad you liked this hot and steamy novel. Whoo hoo!

Miss Reith Jerevinan said...

Oouuuuuww... always love this kind of book hehehe... nice review!

shah wharton said...

Yeah - pure erotica bores me a bit, but a good novel that is hot is bonus ;) Shah .X

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hummmm, this one sounds good. I'll add it to by TBL.