Monday, February 28, 2011

After All These Years by Jannine Gallant


This is a delightful novelette that had me staying awake late, so I could continue reading – I just could not put it down once I started reading.  It is a fast-paced story with a bit of mystery, that is well-edited and easy to read.  The main characters are likeable with distinctive personalities.  The beauty of the surrounding terrain is described succinctly, but each word seems to deftly convey the ruggedness of the remote area.  If you enjoy a bit of mystery, and humor, mixed with sweet romance, and characters with whom you can connect, then this book will appeal to you. Read Full Review                                                                  

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spirit Storm by E.J. Stevens

4.25 STARS

Yuki is back in the eagerly awaited Spirit Guide series.  With great friends surrounding and supporting her, Yuki still has to deal with snide putdowns from some snooty highschool classmates, but she manages to stay true to her own unique self even under duress.  I enjoyed her attire choices in the first book and once again found myself grinning and mentally picturing her get-ups in this book.  Her clothing accessories, while odd, make perfect sense, once she explains.

This is another “feel-good” read that is masterfully told, with witty, often humorous, dialogues and action scenes.  I do have some concerns about possible repercussions from, what I consider to be a brilliantly executed though ill-advised venture, on the wrong side of the law, and against a powerful sect, but I am pretty sure my concerns will be addressed in the next installment of Spirit Guide adventures that should be released later this year.  Again, this fabulous adventure should appeal not only to young adults but to anyone who likes characters with grit and charisma who strive always to overcome adversity – characters that will touch your heart and gladden your soul.
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*  I purchased this book for myself in Kindle format.

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Books in the Spirit Guide Series:

Book 1 She Smells the Dead   (read my review)
Book 2 Spirit Storm
Book 3  Legend of Witch Trot Road (out later this year)

Double Agent by Debra Kayn

                                               4 STARS
This is a remarkably good dystopian novelette that I read quickly. In a terrible predicament, Johanna is forced to make impossible choices and keep soul-shattering secrets. Thrasher is an honorable man trying to survive in desperate times and devoted to protecting those who depend upon him.  Filled with action and intrigue this story was easy to get into and effortlessly held my interest.  I was just slightly disappointed with the final resolution, but it does leave the story open for future installments, which is welcome news.  This book is suitable for older teens and adults. Read Full Review 
Laurie-J (Erotica Link - Though I actually would not classify this book as erotica)
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The Truth About Vampires by Theresa Meyers

                                      3.25 STARS

This was a fairly run-of-the-mill paranormal love story.  There were times I wanted to smack Kristin when she made some particularly foolish decisions.  I never really felt the amazing chemistry I wanted to feel between Dmitri and Kristin and I wish Vane had been more fully described.  To me, he always seemed to be too nice and he needed stronger motivations for his actions.  The ending disappointed me, somewhat, as it seemed, based upon a few interruptive, pleading remarks, big issues were forgotten or set aside.  This novel generally held my attention but it is not one I will be inclined to re-read. Read Full Review

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Tempest's Gift By Robin Leigh Miller

4 CUPS  
Here is another winner in the Elemental Challenges series by Robin Leigh Miller!  Set in the few days before Christmas, the description of the intense blizzard Tempest fought to tame is bone-chilling. The story is fast-paced and the unity of purpose, shown by the sisters, makes it outstanding. As the group banters with and teases each other, they play pivotal roles in helping Tempest come to terms with and accept Brian as her true mate. The sex scenes between Brian and Tempest were gloriously rendered and moving with an uncommon depth of feeling that I find sadly lacking in most romantica. This is a short, scalding read that is sure to leave readers replete and content, yet eager for the next round. Read Full Review                                                         

Caution: Contains graphic sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 17.

Elemental Challenges Series:

Eternal Flame, Bk 1

Fervor by Lynn Carmer

The world-building in this novella is well done and believable. I found the story riveting and filled with characters that demanded my attention – some of whom I loved and some of whom I really disliked. The story is adventurous and unlike any other I have read. It flows smoothly, and I honestly felt satisfied with its length because it is so tightly constructed. The ending is satisfactory. I feel certain there will be a  sequel, at the least, and, most likely, an entire series, as there are other characters, such as, Arun’s sexy brothers, the temperamental siren, Cameo, and the faithful, stalwart servant, Addy, all of whom, surely, will be clamoring to tell their own stories, as well. Read Full Review

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lust By Moonlight by Desiree Holt

    4.25 STARS
The chemistry between Mark and Chloe is as hot as the dry desert terrain they lope through in their relentless searches. Between them, sex becomes their release valve after long hours on the hunt. There are lots of scorching hot interludes sprinkled throughout the novel. The scenes are tastefully written and do include multiple instances of oral and anal penetration. I have one small quibble. In almost every sex scene, Mark would command Chloe “Don’t move,” while he would reach, or in some cases, race, to put on protection. It just bugged me. Where is she going to go? I just think his vocabulary could have been strengthened or better yet, let his actions do his talking for him.

There are quite a few secondary characters. I thought they were all intriguing, and they each had intelligent, well-developed supporting roles. I should mention that this is the second book in The Night Seekers series but it is complete and able to stand on its own. There are a few references to activities from the previous book, Lust Unleashed; just enough to entice and tempt. I certainly recommend this engrossing novel for mature fans that enjoy suspense and action set against a stark and desolate landscape with an abundance of heat. Read Full Review                          

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cattitude by Edie Ramer

        5 STARS
Recently, I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Dead People, for Coffee Time Romance and More, by this author.  Well, I have to tell you I liked that book so well that I searched the web to find other books written by her.  When I found a short story, The Seventh Dimension and another novel, Cattitude, I immediately purchased them both.

Yesterday, I was browsing my TBR list and I opened Cattitude. As soon as I began reading, I was hooked. I had found another unusual and well-written book – a rare gem! It is populated with characters I came to care about, most especially the cat, Belle, and the little, lonely neighbor girl, Gwen.  I found myself chuckling at the way Belle viewed the world after the horrible accident that should have killed her. I love cats, their warts and all, and it is so easy to see that the author is a kindred spirit because her understanding of cats and their behaviors is just so evident in the writing of this tale.  This is such an engaging, easy read that time just seemed to fly by as I was engrossed with my nose in the story.  And yet, there is substance to the novel, as well. There are enough characters and sub-plots that I never got bored or lost interest, not even for a minute.  The characters made choices throughout based on their world view and personal priorities.  There were many interesting personalities on stage at various times and the author juggled everything flawlessly.  This is such a “feel good” story that I am still grinning. Ms. Ramer is at the top of my favorite authors list and I wish her much continued success with her future endeavors and I sincerely hope she endeavors to write more of these amusing, engaging and thought-provoking books.   

Reviewed by Laurie

* I purchased this book in Kindle format from Amazon.

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Earth's Demon by Robin Leigh Miller

           4 CUPS
This is a delightfully original story that is fun to read. It is a reminder that sometimes the love we seek may be closer than we realize. I love the dynamics exhibited between the four sisters. It is so obvious they love, respect and accept each other; embracing and cherishing each other’s special gifts. It is also a gentle reminder that although the ties that bind us to others can be uniquely diverse, and perhaps even uncomfortable, they challenge us to become more open-minded and empathetic. Chuck struggled with the notion of destiny verses free-will but he also was led to the realization that, with acceptance, came some amazing perks he never could have known, otherwise. Read Full Review

Caution: Contains graphic sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 17.

Elemental Challenges Series:
Eternal Flame, Bk 1
Earth’s Demon, Bk 2
Tempest’s Gift, Bk 3

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Scorned by Robin Badillo

      4.5 STARS
Scorned picks right up where Forbidden ended. Sydney is facing almost unbearable loss, but she is more determined than ever to keep her vampire family safe, rescue her dearest love, and constantly get into jams.  I have to say, I absolutely adore her character! She is often impulsive and headstrong, which means she routinely finds herself in trouble or in situations that she never expected. This book, just like the previous one, Forbidden, is an absolute joy to read.  Sydney may be impetuous, but she is also loyal and has a tenaciousness that would put bulldogs to shame. This is an adventurous romp that is fast-paced while still managing to convey intensely believable relationships and byplays between the characters. I have one small nit to pick and that is that too many times the word “glare” is used when I believe the look was, more appropriately, a stare.  Still, this novel will have you chuckling one minute and gasping the next, and it undoubtedly has my recommendation for a fine way to relax on a cold, snowy afternoon. Read Full Review

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Her Warrior Angel by Felicity Heaton

         4 CUPS
Though 3rd in the Her Angel series, this tale is complete, in and of itself. The fast-paced tempo swept me quickly through the pages as I speculated on what would happen next. Ms. Heaton paints a beautiful canvas with words expertly chosen to evoke intense emotional punch. There was fabulous chemistry between Taylor and Einar, but I wondered how their forbidden relationship could possibly ever succeed. Happily, the outcome was logical, and I was pleased with how the book ended. Read Full Review 


Her Angel Series:
Bk 1 Her Dark Angel

Bones by K. J. Dahlen

          3 CUPS
The story grabbed me immediately. The events unfold relentlessly as Max investigates the murders and uncovers a conspiracy of silence. The sentences used to convey the mystery are short and generally unadorned with much descriptive detail. The narration is straight-forward and sharp, as it slices like a razor into the recesses of the reader’s imagination. I especially enjoy the relationships between Max and his co-workers and friends. His respect for their talents and overriding concern for their well-being is admirable and should be emulated; he is an extraordinary role-model. Overall, I think the story is well-told, but there are a few occasions when I found myself questioning why a particular action was either made or left undone, as it seemed to me to be somewhat pat or slightly off-kilter. All-in-all, though, this is an enjoyable mystery that kept my interest from beginning to end.  Read Full Review

Friday, February 4, 2011

Excelsior by George H. Sirois

       4.5 STARS

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Several storylines are creatively juggled in this science fiction adventure tale that centers on the tyrannical excesses of an invading force against a people who refuse subjugation and enslavement.  Pertinent elements of the adventure are shown from different perspectives so that while an action may be only briefly alluded to in one section, in another segment the reader is taken fully into the thick of the engagement. This book is, thus, brilliantly crafted and unique in its rendering.

The story unfolds in a complex and compelling manner that soon had me caught up in the action and wondering what evil adversity would be revealed next. There were many characters, but they were, for the most part, fully-realized and living within the pages of the book. Read the Full Review

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee Time Reviewer Recommended Awards

Four Books are honored today with the coveted CTRR Award  from Coffee Time Romance and More.

My entry was Shadows of the Past, the debut solo novel by T.L. Lawrence.  I devoured this well-written Romantic Suspense last month.

T.L. Lawrence enjoys needlework, genealogy and most of the science of crime solving. She is a full-time mom with two boisterous young daughters, and resides in Utah. She loves writing in the romance, suspense, and mystery genres. See the Award Winners

Read the Review