Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Talion By Mary Maddox

    3.5 STARS
At first, I felt as if I was scrambling to catch up even though the story had just started. That changed, however, after Lisa and Lu met.  After that, I found myself compulsively flipping the pages as I became enthralled in the story and the diabolical planning and actions of a madman.  This book has some exceptionally dark passages that I found very disturbing.  There were several times when the point of view abruptly changed.  When that happened I was yanked out of the entrancement that had ensnared me and was forced to contend with a few seconds of disorientation. These interruptions were unwelcome; they played havoc with the cadence and flow of the story through my mind.

I never really grasped the reason for the supernatural elements in this novel.  I am still clueless as to Talion’s true identity. Is he an angel, a fairy, or simply a figment of an abused child’s imagination?    Read the Full Review


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