Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She Smells The Dead by E.J. Stevens

Spirit Guide Series, book 1

4.5  Stars

Fabulous, Fun and Quirky

Yuki is pretty much a typical teenager; she is a senior in high school,  infatuated with a great looking boy who barely notices her, and has two loyal friends who are behaving strangely.  Did I say typical?  Let me rephrase that just a bit. Yuki is just coming into some very special powers and she smells dead people.  The smells can sometimes haunt her dreams as well as her waking hours.  As the book opens, Yuki discovers she is being stalked by the ghost of an old farmer who recently passed on but refuses to pass over. The strong vinegary smell is impossible to ignore and that is how the mystery begins.

Spirit Storm: Spirit Guide #2This is a fun and clever story that will have you cheering for the off-beat, unflappable Yuki as she tries various methods of dealing with her strange gift and prophetic dreams.  I laughed aloud at the funny scenes describing her special spirit guide then later as she is gently teased about the sacred scarab...I bet you will, too.  Yuki is a resourceful heroine who embraces the idiosyncrasies and foibles of her friends with equanimity. Her wardrobe choices are as unique as she is.  Emma, her best friend, is a staunch and loyal ally even though she and Yuki seem as different as night and day. Then there is Calvin, her steadfast and true friend, who is also her anchor and defender. Yuki, Calvin and Emma each come into their own in this outstanding break-out novel for young adults and the young of heart. This is the first book in the Spirit Guide series. The next book, Spirit Storm, has just been released in print format (it is available in Kindle format, too).  The third book, aptly titled The Legend of Witch Trot Road will be out later this year. 
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Anonymous said...

This story is so sweet! The cover does not lie! EJ Stevens is making her mark. Great review!

Wrighton said...

Thank you for stopping my my blog and for the follow. I am following you back. I love this review, I have been wondering about this book and it looks like a keeper.
Thank you,

Rachel Lynne said...

Hi Laurie,
I saw your blogs listed on Book Blogs and thought I'd pop over. I'm glad I did, this book looks wonderful!
I'm 40 so I guess I fall into that "young at heart" category :) but I love YA books and really like to know what is out there for that age group. I teach a creative writing class to middle/high school home school kids and my duaghter is 9 so she's just around the corner for some of these books. I prefer to read them myself before I recommend them to teens.
Thanks for the info and Great Blog! I'm following :)

Tami Jackson said...

Hi Laurie. Thanks for visiting from Book Blogs. Your site is beautiful and inspiring so I followed. I also agree with what Wrighton posted, above, about this book you reviewed. I would add that I have personally "smelled dead people." Professionally it's referred to as "clairalience."

Please RTF with the subscribe. Thanks! ~ Tami


night owl in IL said...

E.J. -
Can't wait to get involved in this book series.

That's cool, that someone for real (Tami Jackson) can 'smell the dead' and it has a name {clairalience} - awesome!

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Lisa said...

What an interesting concept...a girl who can smell the dead. Great review.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually read books like this, but this one sounds pretty good.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Laurie said...

Thanks for your comments! I appreciate that Tami shared the name of the ability to smell ghosts. It's cool..... So glad you all dropped in and I also hope to hop around to your sites regularly. :)


I coming from the Creative hop and was so surprised you were a book blog. I have a book blog so I'm going to put this on my book blog. I don't do much on my writing blog and my book blog name shows up instead of my writing blog anyway. Thanks for visiting One Toe in the Water. I just purchased this book and can't wait to read it. I didn't get the next one because I wanted to make sure I liked it. Sounds like I will. I love your site. I'm in a couple of the same challenges as you.


mike draper said...

I enjoyed your blog and your review of "She Smells The Dead" I'm anxious to read E.J. Stevens next book and I note that she is already one of your favorite authors.
How nice.