Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shadows of the Past by T.L. Lawrence

         5 Cups
This was an exciting book. When I was forced to put it down I just wanted to hurry up and do what I had to do quickly so that I could back to the story. Wilton Falls is an Idyllic, small, close-knit community populated with characters that I came to care about. The conversations were believable and I felt that the numerous characters were portrayed with realistic traits; they interacted well together. I also loved the description of the old, abandoned lighthouse and appreciated that several important segments of the book took place there. If you enjoy romantic suspense, filled with memorable characters, this is a must read. Read Full Review

Reviewed by Laurie


Regulo Zapata Jr., said...

Hi Laurie, I like your review. I look forward to reading this book. Thanks for the friendly connection on Desperate Lands. Most important I will be following your reviews.

Regulo Zapata Jr.
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