Monday, January 24, 2011

Huntress by Jim Richards & Trinity Knight

      3.75 STARS

The attraction between Kiera and Amris was palpable. Both characters were remarkably easy to like and to relate to. I thought the descriptions of pack society were intriguing and entirely relevant to the story. There were quite a few secondary characters, but they were easily identifiable. In particular, I loved Silas. Silas grew up during the story; it was a pleasure watching him change from a scared, malleable boy into a young man of fortitude and fine character. I was completely wrapped up in the adventures and escapades Kiera and Amris shared until the final portion of the book.  Personally, I thought the Bonding Ceremony was a let-down. However, the book ended well, and I look forward to reading the next book, Traitor.  Read More
Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews


~B said...

Do you know if this book has been in any way re-edited/changed from when Mystic Moon Press published it (before they disappeared without paying many of their authors)?

I tried emailing Whiskey Creek (the new publisher), but they never responded and they don't bother to mention on their site that it's a re-publish like many other similar pubs do.

Mystic Moon only managed to put the first two stories out and while I think this is a good, not great, series I look forward to hopefully being able to finally read book three and maybe beyond assuming Whiskey Creek is putting it out at some point.

Laurie said...

I'm sorry. I have no idea it was a re-published book as that info was not provided. I can't respond as to whether or not it has in any way been changed.