Tuesday, January 4, 2011

His, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox

His, Unexpectedly 4.25 STARS

The story skips about; first being told from Jenna’s perspective, in the first person, then switching over to Mark’s perspective, but told in third person. I found the transitions disconcerting and think the cadence and flow would have been smoother – more lyrical - written entirely from a third person perspective. Still, the sex was romantic and erotic and I definitely felt the chemistry between Mark and Jenna in their intimate encounters. This book is the third in what I assume will be a four part series but it is completely readable as a stand-alone book. I recommend this book for mature readers who enjoy heat in a professionally edited book with an engaging and believable plot. Read the Full Review

Reviewed by: Laurie-J
Night Owl Reviews


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Lisa said...

It bothers me too when I feel like the book doesn't flow especially when the author changes point of views.