Wednesday, December 1, 2010


An Action-Packed Escapist Adventure

Events have been set in motion that, according to prophecy, will culminate in a series of disasters immense in scope and magnitude by the end of 2012. The cataclysm will have physical as well as metaphysical ramifications as the Earth’s polarity will shift and portals will open into other dimensions. Magick will spew onto Earth. Cat is a Priestess who has come from Trinidad, another world. She is a self-reliant, big-hearted, stubborn leader who radiates sexuality. Her goal as Protector is to try to minimize negative repercussions by negotiating treaties or wiping the floor with those creatures whose only desire to wreak havoc and destruction for their own evil purposes.

As the book opens Cat and her team are on a scouting mission in Japan where unexplained seismic activity had occurred recently. Cat feels a powerful compulsion to step into a portal that is discovered there.  The portal feels benign as Cat and a small team step through into a hot dessert-like dimension.  Once again, Cat is thrust into deep personal trouble as we are introduced to the three cousins who are the charismatic, powerful, and devilishly handsome leaders of this world.  Cat, ever the protector of the innocent, must risk everything, in an attempt to halt an assault by an invading hoard of evil creatures that are slaughtering or capturing huge numbers of people with impunity.  The attacks are escalating and Cat must somehow forge new bonds yet still protect her beloved family. Then the unthinkable occurs.

Ms. Moon flits from dimension to dimension in this novel while carefully crafting descriptions of the landscapes and occupants of each so as to pull the reader into the action.  For the first time we get a tantalizing glimpse of Trinidad – Cat’s home and haven – a magical, restful planet filled with wondrous creatures including huge fire-breathing dragons and tiny, mischievous pixies.  Meanwhile on Earth, the Nightwolves continue to work through differences and meld into a more cohesive whole. All are aware that time is steadily ticking away. New alliances become imperative as Earth teeters on the very edge of the abyss.  

This was the second thrilling installment of the Nightwolves series, planned to be a seven book extravaganza of paranormal fantasy and explicit romance that is sure to excite fans. The heat is on! I highly recommend for readers over the age of eighteen who sometimes enjoy a bit of kink and crave intense, high-octane action along the way.

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