Friday, December 31, 2010

Cads and Cadavers By Kelly Lougheed

Image courtesy Mundania Press

2.75 Stars
The author has a breezy, fun style of writing and excellent command of grammar and vocabulary.  I could not help but like most of the characters, Velma and Evelyn, especially. Both were narcissistic but always steadfast in their, often misplaced, desire to protect and defend each other. The title is outstanding; perfect for this book. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the satiric elements overpowered the storyline and I found myself becoming irritated at the parade of snarky quips guised as humor. For those who are tired of an over-saturated vampire romance market, however, this book is sure to plumb the depths of those jaded souls, offering respite from tortured, brooding heroes and lovely, naïve maidens.  Read the Full Review


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