Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rougarou by Judith A. McDowell

Atmospheric Paranormal Suspense Horror with Romantic Elements
5 Star

Rougarou (Volume 1)The Hindel House has been empty for five years, ever since the gruesome tragedy that befell the Rawlins family there. Roger and Janet Stewart just moved to Saint Anthony Parish, Louisiana and were thrilled to lease the huge house at such a bargain price, unaware of its horrific history.  Their three young daughters would have plenty of room to romp and play. The Stewart’s paid a full years’ lease on their new home to the creepy caretaker, Quigly, which left them basically broke.

Jack Oliver had his heart torn to pieces two years ago by the exotic beauty and powerful Psychic, Chandra, when she unceremoniously dumped him without any warning or explanation.  As the story opens Jack is rowing out through the swamp to ask Chandra for her assistance.  Jack believes that a horrible, unspeakable evil is set to unleash its fury on the new, unsuspecting family -- an evil that possibly only Chandra can defeat.

Full of passion and unholy desire, this beautifully structured story of a twisted love that survives untold years through the application of black magic conveys just the right sense of the  heaviness of the thick, humid Louisiana air as it does the weighted, putrefying flesh of the tormented, insane villain.  The conversations flowed easily and were believable as the characters raced to expose and destroy a murderer amid the ensuing supernatural chaos. Still, even in the midst of evil, levity at times found a foothold and a new love struggled to be born. Truly, the author is talented.  She is seemingly able to effortlessly convey the gothic essence of this frightening story while still causing the reader to feel some compassion for the monster who can never let go of his doomed Angelia.

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