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ISBN #: 1453847510-print / 9781453847510-print / 9781936165636-e-Book
Purple Sword Publications
$12.99/ $5.99
206 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

A single mom and raising her twelve-year-old son alone, Jessie has no time or inclination for dating or romance. Catching her husband, Arthur, in their bed with another woman all those long years ago and then discovering other soul-shattering secrets left her with a steely resolve and a prickly demeanor. Most importantly, though, is her desire to raise her son properly by nurturing his achievements and helping him realize his full potential. Jessie learns that Arthur has died and that he has bequeathed his profitable ice cream parlor to her and, their son, Jacob.

Arthur owes Brick Donnelly money – a lot of money. Brick is not at all happy having to fly from Boston to Somerset, New Mexico to confront the deadbeat debtor.  When Brick encounters the fiery redhead, Jessie, instead of Arthur, it is the last straw. The flight has left him cranky and out-of-sorts yet somehow he instinctively realizes that Jessie is a woman worth fighting for.

Both Jessie and Brick are stubborn individuals but they decide to work together to find out what happened to the missing money. Jessie feels that the sooner Brick gets what he came for the better.  Brick sees how determined Jessie is to make her new business prosper, thinks her plans are sound, and decides to help rather than hinder her efforts. Meanwhile, more secrets are revealed, innocent lives are endangered, and a surprising scumbag lurks in the background.

I love the interactions between Jessie and her son.  Theirs is a very strong bond that is wonderfully portrayed by this author.  I also think the relationship that develops between Brick and Jacob during the course of the story is touching. The suspense builds incrementally throughout to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. This book may be enjoyed by teens and young adults as well as the more mature reader.    I recommend this sweet, feel-good, romantic suspense that you will want to also share with family and friends.   

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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