Saturday, November 27, 2010


ISBN #:  978-1-897521-54-0
Oct 14, 2010
XoXo Publishing
112 Pages
Hip Hop, Contemporary
Rating: 2 Cups

Amber, a twenty-year-old street dancer, is the leader of a dedicated group of street dancers called Free Myths.  The action takes place in a small Scottish village as Amber and her friends are bullied and threatened by their arch rivals the FPF’s (Freerunners, Parkourists and Freestylists).

Kayla was the crew leader of the KittyKats, a dance group that Amber was with during her early training years.  Kayla has moved to another city but gladly returns when Amber asks for help.

The Free Myths and the FPF’s are in a turf war.  Both want exclusive rights to an area called the Training Ground which is a large concrete area with rails, poles and multiple levels.  It is the ideal location for street dancing and for the extreme runners.  Amber is devastated when her boyfriend Gareth breaks up with her via a text message and then finds out he is also a secret member of the FPF’s.  That is just the beginning of the concerted, well-orchestrated efforts of the rival band to break Amber and cause the Free Myths to disband.

The topic is interesting as I am a fan of the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”.  I have seen some street dancers on that show perform in some absolutely amazing ways. In the final showdown between the two rival groups I could easily picture the dance routines.  I wanted to cheer right along with the crowd.  Unfortunately, I feel the story suffers from an overabundance of characters.  I became lost and confused trying to keep up as new names were continuously introduced.  Often the transitions are disconcerting when a few additional sentences could have significantly helped this reader more easily follow the jumps in time and/or location.  Finally, the events are presented from Amber’s perspective and it sometimes seems her thoughts become too rambling and do not really work to advance the story. Overall, I feel there is real potential here that will likely blossom more fully in subsequent efforts.    


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