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B. K. WALKERISBN #: (10) 0557535875/ (13) 9780557535873-print/ ASIN #: B00439H1EM-ebook
July 2010
Lulu Publishing
Trade Paperback/E-Book
$12.50 /$4.49
168 Pages
Contemporary/ Dramatic Romance
Rating:  3 Cups

It is 1985 and Kacey Rogers is a troubled teen in Pennsylvania who lives mostly with her drunk, sometimes physically abusive Uncle Kipp and meek, submissive, though also loving, Aunt Marie.  She spends weekends with her mostly absent, promiscuous mother. Kacey’s father deserted the family when she was just a toddler.

Jenny and Kacey have been best friends since second grade.  Jenny is kind, good-hearted and devote.  She is dependable and considerate whereas Kacey is often reckless and irresponsible. They love each other as sisters.

Kacey meets and has unprotected sex with charming, handsome, twenty-four-year-old Bryan Matthews at her fifteenth birthday party.  A few weeks later she discovers she is pregnant.  She also learns that Bryan is already in a committed relationship and his girlfriend is very pregnant.  Kacey keeps her baby and her family steps in to help raise the child. A few years later Kacey meets Steffan and they begin a relationship.  Will one man’s twisted desire be the catalyst that turns Kacey’s dreams into nightmares?     

This book is written from Kacey’s perspective.  It examines the destructive influence of alcoholism and patterns of physical and mental abuse that is passed down generation after generation and how very difficult it can be to break that bleak cycle. With the exception of her loyal friend, Jenny, all the major characters seemed flawed to some degree. Most were able to learn from their experiences to become better people as the story progressed.  It was often nerve-wracking watching Kacey fight her personal demons as she struggled to give her daughter a better childhood and protect those she cherished.

Caution: The consensual sex at Kacey’s birthday party could have been statutory rape according to what I have been able to decipher, from the Internet, of the Pennsylvania laws regarding the Age of Consent. In this scene, the actual act of intercourse was described in just a couple of sentences.

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