Saturday, November 27, 2010


ISBN #: (10) 0984117571/ (13) 9780984117574
May 2010
Savant Books
Trade Paperback
342 Pages
Romance / Christian Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 cups
Emma Benson returns to rural Wisconsin to help her mother.  The small family-owned dairy farm is in dire financial straits, with the possibility of foreclosure on the not-so-distant horizon. A young woman with a prickly disposition, Emma is determined to face the crisis head-on and save the farm.

A successful writer, David Schlosser is tired of the frantic New York lifestyle. He came back to Wisconsin to spend some time with his folks and take a well-deserved break.

Severe weather forces David to seek shelter at the Benson farm late one afternoon.  The storm passes but the barn roof is badly damaged.  Emma takes a part-time job at a bookstore in the nearby town hoping to earn enough to cover the cost of repairs.  David continues to seek out Emma as often as possible.  She is a challenge with her no-nonsense manner and steely resolve to handle all problems on her own. Emma has no time for a romantic involvement besides she knows David will soon tire of rural Wisconsin.  Past experience had made her distrustful; her heart closed. 

I had difficulty relating to Emma most especially during the first half of the novel.  I found her behavior often quite rude and her acerbic tongue annoying.  I admire David’s ability to laugh off her moodiness as he patiently pursued her and struggled to break through her defensive barriers. There are many sweet moments of tenderness, yearning, and loving glances sprinkled throughout the story. I could feel the sexual tension escalate as the two got to know each other better through some strange and occasionally frightening shared experiences. This is an engaging, light suspense that embraces and portrays Christian values without being preachy.


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