Monday, October 18, 2010

Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes

Young Adult Romance - First Love - Debut Author

Sarah was forced to move from Arizona to Southern California just before starting her senior year in high school.  Understandably unhappy about the unwelcome change, Sarah and her best friend, Sydney, vowed to each other to stay in touch daily via the phone and email.

Popular football jock, Angel Moreno, noticed the shy new girl, Sarah, and felt drawn to her fresh, unassuming personality and sparkling green eyes from the very first time they met.  Angel and Sarah soon became practically inseparable and as their friendship blossomed so too grew their desire for each other.  Unfortunately, Sarah was keeping an important secret from Angel – a secret that would later bring heartbreak and severely test the boundaries of their love.

When Sarah moves to California she is intent on returning to Arizona to be reunited with best friend Sydney once again after her 18th birthday.  She just has to make it through the first semester.  Sarah and Angel meet and begin dating shortly after school starts.  Their attraction for each other soon has Sarah conflicted about returning to Arizona but still determined to do so for the sake of her best friend.  Angel tries not to dwell on Sarah’s pending departure, instead, he strives to show her everyday by word and deed why she should remain in California with him.

An uncomplicated, yet moving story of first love, I was easily caught up in the lives of Sarah, Angel and their friends.  I found the story entertaining and well-told. The teens all seemed remarkably grounded and well-mannered for the most part. There was very limited adult involvement and supervision.  Most adults were barely present and quite peripheral to the story. The author, though, did an excellent job of fleshing out the teenagers.  There were numerous teenage characters and each one’s personality was believable with realistic, true-to-life motivations. This novel is a complete stand-alone book.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series that will be about the commitment phobic pair, Alex and Valerie.


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