Monday, October 18, 2010

Legend Love A Romantic Adventure in Time by Joan Grammer

Young Adult Historical Romance  Time Travel

When precocious Heather was twelve years old she fell out of an immense tree and somehow landed back in 13th Century England. Surprised, Heather reveled in the wondrous adventure and adapted quickly to her new life until the day that memories of her real life returned and she unwillingly traveled back to her own time.

Young Lord Ranaulf of Braunwythe Castle was overjoyed when he discovered the child abandoned in his heather fields.  The lonely boy was happy to have a new friend.  He adored Heather and thought of her as a beloved younger sister.  Heather and he soon became inseparable friends.

Devastated by her disappearance, Ranaulf searched many years for her convinced that she would return to him.  Ten years passed.  By chance, Heather saw a documentary about Braunwythe Castle one day on television.  Memories came flooding back and she quickly made plans to visit the ruins of the old Castle.  After an arduous journey she found that she was able to step back time, once again.  Ranaulf and Heather find that they are attracted to each other more than ever this time around. Despite the conniving, malicious attempts by Ranaulf’s step-mother Elaine to keep them apart they make plans to marry. 

This was a fun, fast read.  The dialog was well-written in a manner intended to capture the actual speech patterns and dialect of the old England.  I fell into the story easily and was able to pick up the written dialect quickly.  The story is told in a straight-forward, rather spartan manner that I found refreshing since I was able to paint in the details myself as I read.  I particularly recommend this sweet story for Teens and Young Adults.


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