Monday, October 18, 2010

The Revelation (Wickford High series #1) by Karen Fuller

Sweet, Engaging Debut Paranormal Read  1st in Series
My Rating - 4 Stars
Being “The New Girl” her senior year was not exactly Vicky Phillips idea of a good time but meeting sexy Luke Wolfburn the very first morning definitely put a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye.  Luke was charming, handsome and kind.  He also was quickly besotted by spunky, courageous and self-assured Vicky.  He vowed to be her protector and friend.

The story flowed smoothly and was very easy to follow. I loved the conversations! They drove the story forward in a believable way that made this book even more of a joy to read. Secrets abound but are revealed through the course of events. I was very pleasantly surprised at the superb editing of this novella. This remarkably well-written quick read - 1587 locations on my kindle - centered entirely on Vicky's very first day at Wickford High. It is an engaging introduction to a new planned series by this debut author and I am certainly looking forward to the next book. As a mature adult I enjoyed this paranormal coming of age story for its fast pace, believable characters and sparkling dialog. I highly recommend for tweens, teens and young adults who are paranormal fans as well as mature adults who hanker for a sweet, romantic revisit to youth.

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