Monday, October 18, 2010

Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo

Rip-Roaring Time-Travel Romance


This fine time-travel novel hooked me early on and provided non-stop thrills and adventure throughout the entire book. It’s one of those stories that grab you by the throat; relentlessly holding the reader in thrall as the author crafts a believable, historically realistic tale of Native American life in the mid 1860’s on the American Plains. The Cheyenne were one of the fiercest fighting tribes and the Dog Soldier Warriors of the Cheyenne tribe were some of the most courageous and lethal fighters of that era. In small doses, the author expertly weaves tidbits of the history and tribal myths of Cheyenne customs and lore throughout the narrative.

This story revolves around the capture and ultimate fate of a young woman, Francesca Duvall, by the mysterious, enigmatic leader of the Dog Soldiers who also is an immortal Time Wanderer.  Called Meko (I Am The Wind) by his fellow warriors and tribes peoples he also resides here, with us, in the present time. When he is not on assignment for the Sacred Council he is Ethan Gray, a museum curator who specializes in Native American artifacts. Most of this fascinating story plays out amid the backdrop of the American Plains and within the village of the Dog Soldiers.  As the story unfolds I was awed by the descriptions of the life and times of the Dog Soldiers.  The brutality and savagery of their existence living on the razor edge as the never-ending hoards of white settlers encroached mercilessly westward kept my heart pounding, my pulse racing and my fingers flipping the pages.

While the story is ultimately about the relationship that develops between Cesca and Meko, the secondary characters are also wonderfully realized, believable and often provide a measure of levity and tenderness.  My personal favorite was BrownWing, Meko’s foster mother.  She also becomes a mentor and friend to the headstrong Cesca.  Brown Wing is the epitome of wisdom, maturity and humor.  The characters, their quirks and their humanity resonated with me and I was sorry to leave them behind me at the conclusion of the novel.  I hope to see some of these characters again in future stories by this author.  I highly recommend Where The Rain Is Made to all fans of historical, paranormal, romance fiction.  It is undeniably enthralling!

Reviewed by Laurie 9/16/2010

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