Friday, October 29, 2010

PURITY by Rick Baber

Fiction Thriller
5 Cups

Jeff Davis is definitely not a candidate for Employee of the Month.  He is an Insurance Adjuster with a bad attitude. Bored with his job he routinely does the barest minimum to get by. He also lies through his teeth with creative excuses to his wife, boss and clients. Still, he is positively brilliant when it comes to extraditing himself from sticky situations.  He is also unusually witty and generally sarcastic.

Gaylon Crittes is the stepson of the influential right-wing conservative Arkansas State Senator, Thaddeus Pinkley.  Gaylon needs Jeff to approve a rental because his Lincoln Town Car was badly bashed in a fatal accident the previous night.  Gaylon is a weird duck and a control freak.

Gaylon quickly becomes unhappy with Jeff’s lackadaisical attitude when Jeff refuses to authorize payment on the rental until he has inspected the damage to the Lincoln.  In the meantime, the accident scene becomes a crime scene as some surprising evidence is discovered that could be related to a serial kidnapping case.  As Jeff plods through his insurance investigation pressure builds, loyalties are tested, and four innocent lives hang in the balance.

Rarely does a story come along that is so strangely compelling.  I was hooked right from the start as Jeff procrastinated, lied, grumbled and complained to himself about practically everything.  Yet, I laughed and rapidly flipped the pages almost as if I was right there with him willing him to triumph – an invisible presence captivated by his irreverent, sarcastic humor.  Pick up and read this book.  Rick Baber knows how to tell a story that is thrilling, funny and both politically and religiously controversial. This one is a winner; I am fervently praying for a sequel.   

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