Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Contemporary Romance
My Rating 4 Cups

After the recent humiliating break-up, Kate needs a break.  When she and her business partner, Jessica, land a freelance investigative gig, that entails a three-month canoe trip down the Mississippi River, she is ecstatic for the opportunity get away from the cares and entanglements of her complicated life – most particularly her cheating ex and men in general.

Tracey jumps at the unexpected opportunity to take a three-month canoe trip replacing Jessica who just took a nasty fall and badly fractured her ankle.  Recently unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend, Gwen, Tracey feels that sharing a canoe with a lesbian partner will be an ideal get-a-way as he is fed up with women and the games they play.

Kate and Tracey finally meet the day before their adventure is to begin.  Both are shocked and dismayed to discover that neither partner meets the expectations of the other.  Thus begins the adventure as Kate and Tracey take on the dual tasks of uncovering major river polluters and coming to terms with past personal mistakes.

This is a fun, easy to read story.  The pacing is steady and constantly moves the story along in a very pleasing manner.  The chapter breaks are appropriately placed and the decision that the reader must make at the conclusion of each seems realistic and logical.  For me, the best part is definitely the chemistry between the characters. Their conversations sparkle and their romantic interludes sizzle.  I read the story four times making different choices at the decision points. Each time I learned more about one or both characters and each time the adventure was pleasantly different.  

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